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The new Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K cameras now accept SDXC Cards. This is an excellent option to have as CFAST cards are still not going down much in pricing. It's almost 4x cheaper going with SDXC Cards. You won't be able to record the highest resolution, codec, or framerates, but for many projects ProRes HQ is good enough.

If you've ever had to mix video signals (i.e. into an ATEM Live Production Switcher) or need to cross convert a cable (HDMI to SDI or vice versa), Scale Resolution up or down, or even adjust framerates. These Decimator MD-HX devices will help you do all of these things. A must have tool when shooting events on location.

decimator md-hx
Decimator MD-HX Scaler Converter

Easily the new Inspire2 Drone is the best drone #DJI Has made thus far. There's a slew of advancements made over the previous Inspire1, but my favorite is Spotlight. A big difference with the Inspire series drones are that the Landing Gears can raise above the camera, so the camera can Pan (left and right) a full 360 (while Phantom and Mavic Drones can only tilt). Basically, you can fly straight while the camera moves independently.

Full Pan and Tilt movements allows for the new 'Spotlight' feature, where the software can track a specific subject, following it and automatically Panning and Tilting the camera, while you only need to worry about flying.

It's like having a second operator controlling where your camera needs to point, and it works extremely well! You can easily chase a fast moving car, motorcycle, or fly by a static object (house) while the camera sticks to what you want to track. Pretty amazing, and camera movements are very smooth. #GameChanger

SEE NEW DJI Inspire2 Drone (here)
dji inspire2 drone
check latest pricing DJI Inspire2 Drone

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Like it or not, Live Streaming services on the Internet is not going away anytime soon. If you want to up the production of your Live Stream Broadcast, you'll probably want to work with multiple camera angles. The new BlackMagic Design ATEM Studio HD is a device that lets you attach multiple cameras (via SDI or HDMI) and Live Switch between them. Your final Program Feed can then be sent through the Web Presenter to broadcast to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, etc.

ATEMTelevisionStudioHD_LeftAngle__30469.1486495194check latest pricing BlackMagic Design ATEM Studio HD


Mounted the IndiPro Tools Sony L-Battery Plate w/ NP-FW50 dummy battery to power up this Sony A6500 camera. It's clamped to 15mm rails that are attached to a SmallRig Baseplate. The 5" BlackMagic Design Video Assist monitor doubles as an HDMI recorder, and I can record 1080p up to 60fps in ProRes.

Easy Carry Handle Strap, Saddle Bag Design, and a Velcro Wrap. Seems these Pop-Up Canopy bags could also work great to lay over a C-Stand leg, or wrap around the center of a Light Stand. For a bag that can hold up to 25lbs of sand, it's not badly priced for a set of (4)pcs. A good (possibly much cheaper) alternative to your specialty Photography/Video sand bags.

Impact Canopy Weight BagPop Up Tent Sand Bag
check latest pricing Pop-Up Canopy Sand Bags

We'll be working on setting up a giveaway soon for this ProAm USA Tiger Tilt Joystick Remote Controlled Motorized Pan Tilt Head soon...

Using two CAME-TV Elastix ISO Arms on a modified Trailer Hitch for follow shots. The DJI Ronin-M was used with the RC remote for Pan and Tilt controls while the wireless video feed was sent through a Camera Motion Research Connex Mini HD Video Transmitter. The feed was sent to the new Aputure VS-5 Monitor for viewing. Communicating directions to the driver was handled using the UltraLite Wireless Hands-Free Full Duplex Headsets.