Sony A6500 35mm F/1.8 IndiPro Tools Battery Mount BMVA Monitor

Mounted the IndiPro Tools Sony L-Battery Plate w/ NP-FW50 dummy battery to power up this Sony A6500 camera. It's clamped to 15mm rails that are attached to a SmallRig Baseplate. The 5" BlackMagic Design Video Assist monitor doubles as an HDMI recorder, and I can record 1080p up to 60fps in ProRes.

3 thoughts on “Sony A6500 35mm F/1.8 IndiPro Tools Battery Mount BMVA Monitor

  1. Post author

    @Jay - The links to the product are in the description. Just click on any of the products hyperlinked in the description below the IG gallery.

    Having a bigger monitor is definitely a benefit for focusing and exposure, but you may want to relocate the battery further so you can access the touch screen better. Just get longer rods. Some lightweight carbon ones at

  2. Jay

    Hey Emm,

    I just bought an a6500 for shooting weddings and other projects.
    I'm going to be pairing it with a smaller 501 instead of the BM VideoAssist.
    1) Do you think that setup you have there is a bit much for a wedding? (I figured the monitor would be good for nailing focus). The touch screen on the a6500 is pretty good for tracking subjects though. Like the bride coming down the aisle.

    Can you link me to the rods&plate / the indipro battery you're using here?
    I think I found the Sony NP-F battery.

    I'll probably go w/ a small rig cage too.

    I just checked out that 35mm on b&h. I might need to add it to my kit. Pretty good price. Do you have affiliate links for amazon or b&h?

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