DJI Inspire2 Drone with Avegant Glyph Headset

Easily the new Inspire2 Drone is the best drone #DJI Has made thus far. There's a slew of advancements made over the previous Inspire1, but my favorite is Spotlight. A big difference with the Inspire series drones are that the Landing Gears can raise above the camera, so the camera can Pan (left and right) a full 360 (while Phantom and Mavic Drones can only tilt). Basically, you can fly straight while the camera moves independently.

Full Pan and Tilt movements allows for the new 'Spotlight' feature, where the software can track a specific subject, following it and automatically Panning and Tilting the camera, while you only need to worry about flying.

It's like having a second operator controlling where your camera needs to point, and it works extremely well! You can easily chase a fast moving car, motorcycle, or fly by a static object (house) while the camera sticks to what you want to track. Pretty amazing, and camera movements are very smooth. #GameChanger

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