Double Mini Ball Compact Variable Arm with 1/4 Thread

Quick Gear Tip - At less than 3", these compact Mini Double Ball Variable Arms are a great versatile tool for mounting camera accessories such as monitors, led lighting, wireless TX/RX systems, etc. They offer a bit more range in positioning than a standard mini ball, but are much more compact than your typical Magic Arms.

The double 1/4" male thread is especially helpful if you work with cages and rigs, but they can also be adapted to shoe mounts if necessary with these little female adapters. You can normally find these Mini Double Ball Variable Arms for about $10 dollars (below).

check latest pricing Double Mini Ball Compact Variable Arm with 1/4 threads

Female Coupler Shoe Mount Adapter

3 thoughts on “Double Mini Ball Compact Variable Arm with 1/4 Thread

  1. You must be a mind reader Emm! I had just spent the last couple of days looking at options for quickly connecting various small items, from LED lights, to audio recorders and small light control doodads. I have a variety of quick connect devices, Israeli arms, the barrel nut and flash head holders you mentioned above, and the list goes on. I thought I'd check here, and lo and behold, you had just posted this new entry. I've ordered 2 of them, and I'll weigh in when I get them. They look solid, though, and a good option for what I'm trying to do, without 7 inches of overkill. Thanks.

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