Caster wheels for Light Stands

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Not sure how many of you are already working with Light Stands, but i've been working on my studio slowly and one of the things i've been trying to build is a rolling platform for the many different light stands I have. Because I use sand bags to prevent the lights from toppling over, it's a bit awkward to move them to a new spot. Calumet has some rolling stands but they are BuKu bucks.

Calumet Rolling Light Stand $249.00

My first idea was to sand bag the stands over furniture dollies. Most dollies that I found were wide enough were quite expensive though. Recently I just found exactly what I needed! These Caster Wheels for Studio Light Stands are perfect. They simply slide on and bolt on over the feet of light stands. Not too bad for the $10 dollars each price but the convenience for me outweighs the cost and it keeps a small footprint in the studio. The listing shows an image of 1, but they come in a quantity of 3. Just thought i'd share. Find them here: Slip on Caster Wheels for Studio Light Stands

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  1. Emm

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    Not sure if the angle is right and if the legs on a tripod would flex. I can try it when they come in.

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