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When you set your camera up on a Crane and start adding weights, it's a real pain to move that thing around. Unless it's on wheels. The same goes for heavy lighting equipment.

There's a couple of top heavy light stands in the studio loaded up with a set of lights, and to prevent them from falling over i've got a couple of sandbags over the bottom. Once the sandbags are in place, it becomes annoying having to move them around, so I opted to upgrade the stands with these Wheeled Caster Adapters. These little casters simply fit on the ends on any light stand and tighten in place.

Lightstand Casters (3 of 3)

These casters aren't cheap at about $12/each wheel, but they sure do make moving heavy stands around much easier regardless of how many sandbags you're using. It's also much safer moving this type of equipment around (for the crew and for the gear). If you're in the same pickle, I highly recommend looking into these things.

Lightstand Casters (1 of 3)

Lightstand Casters (2 of 3)

I opted for an inexpensive set since I don't move the stands very often, but there are dozens of different options via Amazon (found here).

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find-price-button Light Stand Caster Wheels

Not sure how many of you are already working with Light Stands, but i've been working on my studio slowly and one of the things i've been trying to build is a rolling platform for the many different light stands I have. Because I use sand bags to prevent the lights from toppling over, it's a bit awkward to move them to a new spot. Calumet has some rolling stands but they are BuKu bucks.

Calumet Rolling Light Stand $249.00

My first idea was to sand bag the stands over furniture dollies. Most dollies that I found were wide enough were quite expensive though. Recently I just found exactly what I needed! These Caster Wheels for Studio Light Stands are perfect. They simply slide on and bolt on over the feet of light stands. Not too bad for the $10 dollars each price but the convenience for me outweighs the cost and it keeps a small footprint in the studio. The listing shows an image of 1, but they come in a quantity of 3. Just thought i'd share. Find them here: Slip on Caster Wheels for Studio Light Stands