Canon T4i / 650D with Battery Grip BG-E8

For every other Canon DSLR camera like the 7D, 5D Mark II, 60D, and 5D Mark III you'll need a totally different grip. One good thing about the Rebel series cameras is that they continue to share the same LP-E8 battery type along with the same BG-E8 Battery Grip. A cheap BG-E8 grip for the T2i, T3i, and T4i with decent reviews can be found on Amazon and comes with two extra batteries (Click Here).

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find-price-button T2i, T3i, T4i BG-E8 Grip + 2 LP-E8 Batteries

12 thoughts on “Canon T4i / 650D with Battery Grip BG-E8

  1. brake

    Does anyone know if this exact same grip can be purhcased through Ebay? Shipping cost to Australia is $33 through Amazon 🙁

  2. Mike

    I ordered this and I'm happy with the purchase. Good build quality and more extra batteries to add to my kit.

  3. Steven

    I got my batteries I mentioned before in the mail earlier this week. I was pleased by how long both performed when paired together in the grip I had picked up about a week ago. I recorded about 1.5 hours of video (12 mins at a time)((over 2 days)) and couldn't see any decrease in battery life. I did get an over heat warning on day 2 after I recorded about 50 mins of video w/o turning off and on again. Glad to see I can grab cheap batteries that can go the distance. I don't have a B camera (yet) so if this happens to me at a gig, I'll just have to switch to my xha1s mini dv cam. I really wanna break away from tape. Once I get some paying gigs, I'll invest in another T2i and load magic lantern on it. Cheap, yet very effective.

  4. Don Rumsey

    To add to my highly unofficial unscientific test from a week ago. We had our biggest wedding on Saturday. Due to the size I ended up using the T2i for alot of the main shots and used it more than my 60 D,,,(whose batts went dead), during the reception. Not one overheat!!! And the batteries that came with the grip lasted all day!!!! Wedding started at 2:30ish and filmed for the 40 minutes…then for several hours at the reception! VERY pleased with the grip and batteries listed in the post!

  5. Steven

    I just got my grip in the mail and am really pleased with it. I didn't buy the one linked on this article though. There was one for $25 on amazon that had great scores from those who bought it (over 90 people I think). I don't have two batteries for it yet (in the mail as I type this) but when they arrive, I'll test asap. Mine also came with a sled for AA batteries. I tried it out and it works, but I suspect the rechargeable batteries will out-perform the AA's. The AA's gave me less than desired time to power the T2i, but in a pinch, you could run to the nearest store and buy some AA's to save the day. The batteries I bought were from amazon. They were the Photive Original LP-E8 Ultra High Capacity Li-ion Battery For Canon T2i. They were about $13ish per battery. Ranked at 5 stars (83 reviews). I've read about how poorly the cheap batteries perform and decided to skip the BS and pay for the tried and true aftermarket batteries. It's better than paying $40+ for Canon batteries not knowing if they're even authentic Canon batteries.

  6. Don Rumsey

    By the way… I t came with the aforementioned AAA battery sled as well. however this is definatly not as good as the AA bed that came with my 60 D. The "holders" for the batteries seem just to big for the AAA's. They seem to have been built for a battery that would be in between the AA and AAA. However as I said … For $40…who cares.

  7. Don Rumsey

    Hey everyone. Ordered one the other day. Got herein 2 days with the introductory Amazon Prime option…for free I might add!!! I have the actual Canon brand for my 60 D. So to compare it seems just as good. The two batteries seem to be smaller and lighter in size however than my two Lp-o8's, (one is a Canon, the other a Pearstone). They came with a charge and the battery indicator registered it as halfway. So my unscientific test was this. I charged them up fully. Attached it to the T2i…then drove to grandmothers house for dinner. Held the camera pointing out the front windshield and turning it to my unamused wife then to my kids in the back seat. Just trying to have maximum movement for the sensor…(if that matters). Then when i got to her house I left the camera recording. Kept hitting the record button whenever it would stop. Once it reached the end of the card I formatted and started all over again. In the end the camera never overheated. I thad the maximum record times… Actually and surprisingly! A few of the recording times went to 15 minutes!!! Usually it ends at 12..however there wasn't much movement in those shots so that could be the reason? Otherwise filling the card twice caused no everheat problems and plenty of battery juice left. Still registered a quarter power. it actually never registered full charge though on the indicator. Even though the battery charger showed they were fully charged. So…in conclusion. What I use my T2i for …this new battery pack more than works for me, especially for what was payed!!! I only need it for a camera #2 position in my weddings during the ceremony and reception. After that i go solo with my 60 D to get the rest, (dancing, shenanigans, etc).

  8. Diesel


    Yeah, the T2i is known (to many but not all) to overheat. I've encountered the problem with continuous shooting at around the recording limit (12 minute mark). I get the flashing red icon meaning it's overheating. I've learned to turn it on and off between shots which helps but is not a total solution. I did a shoot where I turned it on and off religiously and it performed ok until the end when it would only give me 10-15 seconds before it would automatically stop recording due to heat. If you Google it you'll see overheating is more than an isolated incident on my part.

  9. Diesel

    Good look Emm! Bought the very same one a day ago to help with my overheating problem on the T2i. Hopefully it'll do the trick.

  10. Al

    can you use the ac adapter with the grip? does it have the little rubber hole for the cable?

  11. Scotty

    Thanks for this! I just ordered this and only have the T3i but if I decide to upgrade at least I know it will fit. I was about to buy two extra batteries off of amazon for $13 a piece, but for 9 more dollars I get the grip with the batteries, amazing!

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