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Canon T4i DSLR Canon-T4i-DSLR

Canon's latest EOS Rebel T4i DSLR uses the same Digic 5 image processor as the Canon 5D Mark II that should showcase better resolution quality, dynamic range, auto focus speed, burst rate, and more. Sounds like the HIGH ISO noise will perform better against more expensive cameras like the Canon 60D, or Canon 7D.

Another claim to fame with this new Rebel release is the Touch Screen 3" Vari-Angle LCD and Full Time Auto Focus during video recording. Specs listed are good, but feedback doesn't feel like it will be a sell out camera like previous models. Announced a few weeks ago, the Canon EOS Rebel T4i are now in stock with B&H (Click Here)

Canon T4i VariAngle LCD
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And also available via Amazon (Click Here)

Canon T4i VariAngle LCD
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28 thoughts on “Canon EOS Rebel T4i In Stock

  1. Jed

    i really think everyone needs to carm now, and yer i agree the FS100 is a badly designed shape of a camera, but it is designed for especially for video. and okay you say hes bad for being a grip but i think you all need to carm down, a grip is not a bad job, everyone if important, everyone has o start someone and theres where you have to start in hollywood

  2. And cool story about the grips making 400 in 8 hours. I get paid 1000 for one wedding, one day. It takes another day to edit it. So, 500 in 8 hours for me, I wouldn't want to be a grip!

  3. Mark

    I love how the guy that is the most self obsessed about being the best videographer in the world and has the biggest ego is too scared to even put his name XD

  4. @Chad
    Do you know me? I don't think my website says I am 17 0.0 you know that??????
    I don't remember working with any chads, except for one, and he doesn't surf cheesycam. I have had a lot of clients, but none named chad. How do I know you?

  5. I would have to disagree. I would rather be producing stuff in Nashville like I already am than being some grip in Hollywood that doesn't get to be creative. And no, I pray I am never like you, ever. That I will never be so arrogant and such a big ego and an annoyance to everyone on cheesycam. Go away 🙂

  6. Chad

    Whever this anonymous guy is needs to be banned. For life. I have never seen anybody, ever, more annoying.
    I highly doubt you ever work on big films, or am in Hollywood. I'll bet your one of those low life scums.
    He was saying that HE was a low life grip, so that's not cocky, that's what you call humble.
    I had a friend like you once. Thought he was all that. Until you can prove you do million dollar movies, shut your trap!!!!
    YOUR the dick.
    Also, if you look at his website, he's 17, and he's doing commercials locally, political campaigns, conference videos, and has done some amazing stuff. At 17, he may be a amateur, but he's off to a good start looks like.
    And no.....NOOOO one wants to be you. I would rather die. I'm sure anyone else would too 😉

  7. Anonymous

    better a grip in hollywood than a no name "shooter" in Tennessee.
    So yes Josh. I'm def sure you wish you could be like me.

    I am not a grip btw. But did you know a union grip... not even a best boy or a key... makes $400 in 8hrs.
    Huh? Kinda makes you think.

  8. iP337

    @Jed "FS100 which have large sensors and are a proper camera body"; I wouldn't call that "brick" design proper lol but I agree with everything else you said.

  9. I wasn't crushing him for being a grip. I was one of those low life grips for a long time before now.
    I'm just saying, he seems really......he seems to cocky to be any good at anything.

  10. Jed

    i LOVE my T2i, i really do, but i'm making a small documentary at the moment and for the B-roll, i have to say i would of prefured an ENG style camera, it would have just been easyer to use.

    NO DSLR's are not the futre anymore, they showed us we could have large sensor cameras and now the manufactures are making camcorders like the FS100 which have large sensors and are a proper camera body, a proper VIDEO body should i say. because look at it in this way, DSLR's are made for photogrpahy, not video, the handles is in an akward place and the amount of problems these cameras can be when doing documentary is unbelievable. i'd rather have good XLR imports any day.

    Yes hollywood do use DSLR's as CRASH CAMS, thats because they do put a good image out, are cheap, so if they do get damaged, heck, the can buy another one easly, but why on earth would they shoot on a DSLR if they can shoot with something like a RED?

    im not saying im aginst DSLR's at all, i love them, i think they helped push cameras, but their not the futre. my friend is doing a narrative feature which i think is crazy at his age, and he's using a sony Z1, i think he's making a big mistake as for his budget he may aswell use his T2i which he's got as it wil look more filmic.

    and not, dont mock him, saying he might have only worked as a grip on the big features, hows that bad! how o you think almost everyone gets into the film industry! you start at the bottom and work upwards, it's not an Indie film, it takes time to get into the industry and if you thinki you can direct first tiem round, then hmm maybe Indie is better for you.

    so to some up my rant, DSLR's are great, but for ENG style filming... use and ENG camera if you can, thats what their designed for. if your on a low budget filming a narrative, music video, basically something you can easly re-shoot, use a DSLR, the image is great. and if your on a multi million dollar film shoot with a CINE camera, thats what they were designed for, and DON'T crush some one for working on a set, even if it was as a grip, because you have to start somewhere, and Indie filming, Timelapses and Vimeo arn't everything!
    Rant Over!

  11. @nes_filmz

    Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man all used Canon dslrs, not as their main A camera but for b -roll, crash cam and many close up shots.

    Act of Valor used them for 80% of the movie and that;s just to name a few. The first film cameras were actually photo cameras, so think about that when knocking dslr.

    I never mentioned they were the best & did not have problems, but for someone to mention a video camera as being proper and dslr not is truly false.

    Facts are facts and Dslr's are being used in 100 million dollar movies, cameras are no longer your limitation which is the point I am trying to make.

    Back on subject now.....

  12. Todd

    I have been shooting video for a number of years. I am a hired shooter, I shoot documentaries, weddings, reality TV and short films. I have been following the DSLR as video camera for the past few yrs. I love the narrow depth of field and low light capabilities. I've met Rodney Charters who shot House with the Canon 5D Mkll and he discussed the challenges of DSLR shooting. Moire, over heating and short recording time doesn't work for me. There are times that I setup a camera unmanned and just let it record. My camera of choice is the Sony FS100, it provides the best bang for the buck and provides me with everything I need. The Canon 4Ti shows promise but isn't aimed at the pro.

  13. Oh watch out everybody, mr. Anonymous works on MILLION DOLLAR FILMS! He's so cool, I wish I could be like him!!!
    I never said all of Hollywood uses dslr
    Low budget Hollywood Films like the black swan and tiny furniture use it when they could use better stuff or other stuff. All I was saying was that, if it's made it to Hollywood, obviously it's good enough for everyone here, calm down mr. Know it all 🙂
    And, you've worked on 100 million dollar movies? You musta been a grip XD

  14. Anonymous

    Okay. I live in Hollywood...I work in Hollywood.
    I love my canon camera. BRAND LOYALTY
    But just so you know. NO ONE SHOOTING 100 million dollar movies is using a dslr to shoot it.
    I'm not slamming dslr's...just informing all of you who have some weird notion that every hollywood movie and tv show is on a dslr.
    I worked on one Showtime pilot that used a 5dmkii...It was a pain in the ass. Show didn't get picked up.
    A certain crime show, that will remain nameless, uses a 5dmkii very infrequently to shoot some b-roll. PS every time they use it, that I've seen, they have broken union rules and had the wrong kind of crew operating.
    House used was soooo not the norm, sooo out of the ordinary that it got soooo much press. If dslr shooting was the in thing no one would have said anything.
    I've worked on four 100+million dollar films in the last five years. NONE of them have ever looked at or considered the canon dslr.
    Yes they are awesome. I'm about to wrap production on my first feature (as the director) with a canon dslr. BUT...dslr's in hollywood as the norm? Not true.
    I see more doc guys running around with dslr's in town. BTS crews even.
    Phantoms, imax, alexas...these are the normally used cameras in town.
    So to sum up. The dick who said ENG on a dslr was a bad idea is a twat.
    Everyone who says hollywood runs around with dslrs shooting are idiots.
    And I like pie.

  15. iP337

    DSLRs FOREVERRRrrrr!!! But I agree Canon DSLRs are no longer the future of video, but larger sensor is so it's a good thing we still got those GH and NEX cameras! So if you want an affordable C300 then get a Sony NEX FS100 with the Metabones. 🙂


    People are mad at this release because Canon has already shown they CAN fix Aliasing and Morie but won't do it on the "Rebels", this means this new generation of Canon will no longer be providing the same level of video quality throughout their cameras anymore, giving us more reasons to skip the Rebel line and pay more for a higher end model. 🙁 On the plus side Canon is adding the same level of photo features previously reserved for higher end models so it looks like Canon is now placing more stock into video features over photo features in their photo cameras lol

    @J Hanna
    There are actually many rumors of a 70D coming out soon; 22Mp APS-C, 6fps Photos, 20pt Cross-type AF, 7D sized body with flip out screen and fixed Morie/Aliasing in video. I am very looking forward to it and might even sell my 7D if those specs are actually true 🙂

  16. @FabDex
    I have to agree with nes_filmz.
    These camera, these DSLRs, are the future. House uses them. Blockbuster movies sometimes use them! Have you seen what can be done with these DSLRs?!
    No XLR inputs? Use a H4N
    No Internal ND filters? Let me introduce you to something called screw on filters.
    Viewfinder? Its called a Z finder or a monitor you could use.
    And then, get past these small problems, and bam, you have a large sensor video camera for very cheap.
    And its not only the money. You think the TV show house cant afford anything better than DSLRS? Not only are they cheap, but very, very compact, making them useful for anybody in and out of the studio and field.

    And he isnt attacking you I would say. He is just arguing. Clearly he won the argument if you aren't going to argue your points. This is civilized, were just debating camera equipment.
    The DSLR is still the future. Call it what you want it, but why do you think more and more people in Hollywood are using them?

  17. FabDex

    @nes_filmz: sorry if I've pushed your "anger" button... But a DSLR is not a "real" camcorder. Let me explain: no XLR inputs, no internal ND filters, viewfinder is an option...

    But I agree that DSLRs ARE cameras. I'm not knocking DSLRs for what they are, and most of the guys and gals hanging on this site do amazing stuff with them, but what is Canon trying to do ? The T4i's new features (yeah: autofocus...) seem to have been added to make it more like a camcorder. You know: a real camcorder. Why not release a (pro)consumer version of something like the C300 ? You know, with a better codec, les artifacts, better connectivity and usable autofocus ?

    I still use my T2i for what it is, and what it ain't. But it sure is not "the future" anymore. DSLRs have helped push the market to an exciting place, but most announcements, since the 1D X, have not delivered what was expected.

    The future has passed.

    That being said: attack me all you want, nes: I won't answer anymore. I'll reserve to privilege of civilized exchange with the other commenters.

  18. I know Emm rocks the NEX 7 and I been debating about switching over from a Nikon D7000(love it but gear lust, is gear lust). I like the NEX system because of the camera and camcorder bodies. I could see getting the 7(maybe the next version in a year) and a NEX camcorder and a slew of lenses. Cover every type of situation or at least be prepared.

    I know this is off topic but it's what's on my mind after reading about the new Canons.

  19. I think some people are quick to judge and some can be snobs, it's human nature. However, I'm on my 3rd Rebel body (Original 300D, XTi and currently t2i)and I have been very happy with the upgrades they've done. I'm not a professional by any means but I can find the logical points. Without having tried one to compare quality back to back, I'm sure the sensor combined with the Digic 5 Chip still is sufficient for the Rebel series. Along with that, a better frame burst (Thank you!) and noise reduction have always been a step up from model to model. If you compare the original 300D noise to what's in the Rebel line now, you wouldn't be so quick to snap the bad comments out. 🙂

    Honestly, I'm hoping to afford this upgrade soon, since all I would have to do is just buy the Body. I love the fact that they kept the accessories such as Batteries and Grip the same, so that helps and also encourages me to upgrade. Anyone think of that?

    About the full time autofocus, really if you expect everything to be perfect right from the gate you're sadly mistaken. Technology doesn't all march to the same beat.

    All in all, I'm excited about this and would even consider keeping both bodies at this point.

    Besides, some of you probably own a Nikon 😉

  20. nes_filmz


    You seem to have a real serious problem..... You were the one who brought negativity here and used words such as a "real" camcorder....

    I'm more than sure no one denies the used of a video camera for eng work instead of a dslr. Doing cinematic work , documentaries music videos etc. is a different story.

    Also you keep mentioning "pro" when real pros who work on hundred million dollar projects use dlsr for movies... So yeah buddy just cause you deal with complete fools who do not know how to hold focus doesn't mean these cameras are not the present and future.

  21. FabDex

    @nes_filmz : Relax, dude. To answer your question "Who would use a dslr for ENG work ?". Apparently lots of people. And a lot of them are followers of Cheesycam.

    I've been stuck trying to save a lot of those out of focus "shot on 5D" messes "in editing" a lot of time. Somehow, some people think that a $3000 DSLR is better than a $7K pro camcorder. So they buy one, then a rig, then a Zoom recorder for audio... you know the story. It ends up costing the same but, but you get none of the build quality, ease of use or connectivity out-of-the-box. But, hey: shallow dept of field !

    By the way, having to buy new lenses to take advantage of a crappy autofocus does end up being more expensive.

    Homeworks ? Do yours, dude. And just take it easy: no one is here to fight. Just exchanging opinions in a respectful manner. Try it, for a change.
    And, sometimes, a knife makes a pretty good screwdriver.

  22. J Hanna

    Woooow. Ppl are catty these days to dslrs.
    I remember 2 years ago most of us would sell our left nut for a canon dslr that shot 1080p and maybe, just maybe didn't have an agc built into it.
    Now it's all....fuck this new camera man. Shit sucks and stuff, bro!
    I own a 60d. I won't be side-grading/up-grading/down-grading to a t4i but I'm sure t2i/t1i users or hell, someone who doesn't own a canon dslr will buy it.
    God speed canon, keep cranking them out...because maybe one of those new rebels will interest me.
    psst...70d sounds like an awesome name for a new camera.

  23. This T4i is a waste of time for video shooting. Heavy moire and aliasing along with the soft resolution we've grown used to with Canon dslr's.

  24. @nes_filmz
    Dannnggg let's put away our swords! Haha
    Yeah, they are fairly cheap STM lenses, but, who is going to use a 18-135mm for professional video? 3.5-5.6 at least for me is not good enough. And yeah, there 40mm looks great, but they need more focal lengths, and wider apertures.

  25. nes_filmz

    @Fabdex who would use a dslr for Eng work? Someone who probably uses a knife as a screwdriver....... Right tool for the job. Also the new stm lenses are very good price wise at only $199....

    So yeah before you come here spreading a worthless post, please show some education.

  26. FabDex

    From what I'Ve seen, the constant autofocus doesn't produce acceptable results when using a regular lens.

    So unless you invest in Canon's new "video" lenses, it's practically worthless. Anyway, I'm done using DSLRs for ENG work: there's nothing like a "real" camcorder.

  27. iP337

    Thanks for keeping us updated to clarify the noise performance looked noticeably higher on the 650D when compared to the 7D at every ISO settings, but at the really high ISOs (1600+) there is slightly less color noise in the 650D but still very noisy.

    The processor is actually the Digic 5 from the S100 and G1X not the same as the 5Dmk3's Digic 5+ chip and results showed very similar footage to the 7D especially in morie and aliasing 🙁

    But it's a real step up for the Rebel line photo wise! Great AF system, descent FPS plus that new touch screen and video auto focus look fun to play with 😉

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