Canon 7D Firmware Update

Canon 7D Firmware Update Manual Audio

There's no secret that Canon will be (finally) releasing a firmware update for the EOS 7D. This is not your average firmware update that simply addresses bugs, but one that changes many features of the cameras abilities. Some Key Features are upping the Maximum continuous burst rate shooting up to 25 images (from 15), Support for Optional GPS receiver, Max Auto ISO setting, In-Camera RAW processing, In-Camera Resizing / Editing, File Naming, File Ratings, and the best feature for DSLR Video - Manual Audio Levels. There's more detailed specs, and a promo video following the link (Click Here).

Besides missing a swivel LCD, this really brings the 7D back up to speed as a highly relevant DSLR video camera among today's lineup. Since moving to the Canon 5D Mark III, our studio just sold a few Canon 7Ds on eBay (for a steal). You probably already know how much abuse one of these 7D camera bodies can take, so it could be a great deal if you can find a used one for a cheaper price than a Rebel series camera. Check out some of the used Canon 7D Bodies available on eBay (Click Here).

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Of course, the Canon 7D is not a discontinued camera and can still be purchased new. There's some instant rebates available for these cameras at B&H going on right now (Click Here).

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21 thoughts on “Canon 7D Firmware Update

  1. Gates

    I attempted the update but it keeps stopping at 97%, I have looked all over and no one has said anything about anything like this happening and what to do....can anyone advise on what I need to do? thank you!

  2. SkunkWorks

    Ok, thanks, Emm. It's just that I'm heavily invested in T2i accessories so I was hoping to stay on that path. I do manually focus for more artistic type stuff, but I also run'n'gun family events around home, birthdays etc. and manual has been a huge pain for that kind of thing (kids move fast!)... the auto-focus would be great for that if it actually works. But even if it does, if there's no sensor improvement as far as low light noise, dynamic range, moire, aliasing etc. then I'm probably not really interested in "upgrading" from my T2i.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @SkunkWorks - Honestly the only thing that is worth the buzz is the Auto Focus, but it's not even that great for people who are already used to focusing manually. Yes quality has improved for a 'Rebel' camera, but at such a marginal price difference to the other Canon cameras, I say go for the 60D or a used 7D (with new firmware).

  4. SkunkWorks

    Off Topic

    Man, what's going on in this place? Have been away from here as well as the "hobby" in general for several months... was just over in the "Canon EOS Rebel T4i In Stock" topic getting caught up on the latest Canon releases. Thought I'd find some intelligent discussion about this camera...

    ... instead, it was like listening to a bunch of illiterate 14 year old YouTube commenters slingin' shite at each other with the typical "oh, yeah, well my dad can beat up your dad" mentality. Seriously, I find it hard to believe (for the most part) anyone in that thread is actually an adult. Sad.

    I posted this here as Emm seems to have the topic in question locked down.

    So, where's a good place right now to find a useful discussion on the T4i?

  5. schill

    I don't think this will change anything regarding Magic Lantern and the 7D. My understanding is that they don't have any way to work with the dual processors in the 7D.

    I'm primarily a still photographer and am looking forward to these updates (mostly the increased frame buffer). The audio change will be nice for those times I do shoot video (it will reduce the amount of extra stuff I carry "just in case" I decide to shoot video).

    photosbyjk: Can you point to the settings you need from the custom menu (the menu item on the far right)?

  6. Svean

    The 7d is crap. video quality on my 550d with magic lantern CBR is better. Maybe photo is slightly better on the 7d but i sold my 7d and I am much happier with my 550d and 60d.

    The 7d is like a bastard child in the EOS Dslr family.

  7. Very cool! I seriously hope this starts kind of a new era and camera manufacturers actually start to make use of what they have as options with firmware upgrades. Till now firmware upgrades were almost only used for bug fixes ( at least by Canon and Nikon). Improve & extemd those Cameras before their life cycle actually is over.

  8. imgpro615

    i wonder if this firmware upgrade will be a gateway for the Magic Lantern holy mages of awesomeness to work their magicks on the honourable owner of a 550D and 60D, I would love to get hands on a used 7D and get going with the new firmware...I just don't quite have the funds for that might come to a choice between the 7D body and a Steadicam merlin arm/vest kit...

  9. Scott

    They don't mention support for the group mode of the new Canon 600EX-RT flashes. I hope this makes it in the release as it's an awesome feature that I love using with my 5D Mk III's and would be nice to have on the 7D as well.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Gajimicu - This is a solution for the Canon 7D body which ML is not available for.

  11. Gajimicu

    Did you guys here ever considered Magic Lantern ?
    From an in-camera audio standpoint that's way better than this new firmware.

  12. J Hanna

    Wow, okay. buying a 5dmkii at $1,600 will NEVER happen now.
    Canon has way too many steps of camera. The low end rebels now go up in 50$ increments. with the 7d's firmware update they can totally get their 1,500$ for it. Humph.
    What does this mean for a 7dmkii?
    Toooo many options. My head is gunna explode.

  13. photosbyjk

    Grrr. They didn't fix the ONE thing I wanted which was to have the External Flash Control menu stay up so I don't have to go through multiple steps to get back to it every time I need to adjust my flashes. I could practically care less about every thing in this upgrade since I doubt I would ever use any of the new features.

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