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Canon 7D Firmware Update Manual Audio

There's no secret that Canon will be (finally) releasing a firmware update for the EOS 7D. This is not your average firmware update that simply addresses bugs, but one that changes many features of the cameras abilities. Some Key Features are upping the Maximum continuous burst rate shooting up to 25 images (from 15), Support for Optional GPS receiver, Max Auto ISO setting, In-Camera RAW processing, In-Camera Resizing / Editing, File Naming, File Ratings, and the best feature for DSLR Video - Manual Audio Levels. There's more detailed specs, and a promo video following the link (Click Here).

Besides missing a swivel LCD, this really brings the 7D back up to speed as a highly relevant DSLR video camera among today's lineup. Since moving to the Canon 5D Mark III, our studio just sold a few Canon 7Ds on eBay (for a steal). You probably already know how much abuse one of these 7D camera bodies can take, so it could be a great deal if you can find a used one for a cheaper price than a Rebel series camera. Check out some of the used Canon 7D Bodies available on eBay (Click Here).

find-price-button Used - Canon 7D EOS Digital Cameras - via eBay

Of course, the Canon 7D is not a discontinued camera and can still be purchased new. There's some instant rebates available for these cameras at B&H going on right now (Click Here).

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