Canon 5D Mark II & 7D Refurbished


Available again is a couple of refurbished Canon 5D Mark II & Canon 7D DSLRs over at the Canon direct store. There's also 60Ds and T2i cameras as well. Last time I ordered a refurbished 5D Mark II, Canon had a really nice discount going on. I received mine looking brand spanking new and it's heavily in rotation with the rest of the equipment. A refurbished camera is 'never' a camera that has been repaired.

These refurbished cameras might come back from stores with excess inventory or returned for other reason, but never because they had previous issues. These refurbished cameras are also run through the same testing to make sure everything is in 'as new' condition. The one I received had 0 shutter actuations, and no signs of use. Besides Camera bodies, there's also lenses and other sorts. Check out the stuff over at Canon's site:

Canon Red T3 Bodies

In other news, Canon has discounted some Exclusive colored T3 bodies in Red, Metallic Grey, and Brown. I think this is the first time Canon's offered such colors in any of their DSLRs. If you're not planning on doing any video, the T3 would be a good camera for just plain photography. You can find these exclusive colored bodies following the link:

13 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark II & 7D Refurbished

  1. Fred Saunders

    I bought a refurbished Canon 7D camera. I am quite happy with it. I am now looking for a refurbished 5D Mark III when they become available. I would also like to find a refurbished 100-400 MM L series lens.

  2. sam

    To Gives:
    Were you able to figure this one out (how to get refurnished 7D from CLP)? I too live in Canada. Still unable to find a way how to order refurnished camera via CLP.

    thanks, sam

  3. Gives

    Hi everybody I need your HELP

    I live in Canada and I have a Canon 5D (serial No 02....), I have some issues in the sensor a lot of dust almost impossible to fix them in PS5, so, I would like to get a refurnished full frame or 7D Canon camera through Canon Loyalty Program.
    How can I do? and How much It is going to cost me aprox.?
    Thank you very much.

  4. Jordan

    ^ Wait, who said what with what now? So as long as someone has an account with the Canon Company store they get cheaper deals?

    I've been trying to hound Canon to sell me a 5D on the Loyalty Program but they insist the 7D is the highest model. And now since the 5D is sold out, does anyone know where to get a cheaper refurb or even a new one for cheaper with rebates etc?

  5. Danny

    Refurb Canon 5D mark ii for $1461.85 I'm sooooo tempted. I already own a 7D. Been wanting to go full frame. ***note reason why I get them cheaper is because I have an account on the "Canon Company Store"

  6. Jordan

    Thanks Emm, you've been nothing but help on this blog.

    I wonder if that Loyalty Program still works on the 5DII still, dvx reports that as of 3/30 it didn't but some reported it still did. Pretty good deal if I got that 20% but not as good as Emms smoking discounted price.

  7. Jordan

    Hey guys, any chance anyone knows if they come in the original packaging? So essentally these look like theyre bnib units?

  8. Mark

    Please keep telling us about these! I can't pull the trigger now, but hope to in a few months!

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - It's in the menu. Again, Canon does not repair and resell items. Anything that was sent back for repair goes to the recycling area. I happened to get mine when they had an additional discount going on, making it way cheaper.

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