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Earlier today I talked to someone at Canon's customer support about what conditions would a camera be considered as a refurb. First off, Canon will not repair a defective item and resell it. Cameras with issues are sent to the recycling plant. 'Refurbished' sold cameras most likely come from overstock, has been returned from a retailer, or may have had a damaged box (nobody wants to buy a camera with a bent box).

Technically not allowed to sell the same item as 'new' twice, they have to stamp it with the refurbished scarlet letter. Before any item is sold though, it goes through a complete 'new product standards' inspection to ensure it meets the same requirements as equipment sold as 'new' and packaged with all the standard items (software, manuals, cables, straps).

I decided to order a refurbished 5D Mark II when there was a pretty nice sale going on and while new retail versions are selling for about $2500+, I was able to grab this guy for $1799 (pre tax). Here's a little insight on what to expect from Canon's Refurbished store. The BOX is not the same OEM as you'd get from buying one as New.

Canon 5D Refurb

Canon 5D Mark II Refurb

Everything is well packed, and comes with brand new manuals, software CD's, straps, and cables.

5D Mark II Refurbished

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It's sold as refurbished, but still comes with Canon's 90 Day Warranty.

Canon 90 day refurbished warranty

canon 5d mark II refurbished

Inspecting the camera's body, it looks BRAND NEW and untouched. Menu was set to all default settings, no shutter actuations, and firmware had already been upgraded. I've had my other 5D Mark II since it first hit the internet (2 years ago), and have had no issues ever. Although this one is technically a refurbished item, it's Brand New as far as i'm concerned. With the discount on Refurbished items combined with periodic sales from Canon, I was able to grab this for several hundreds of dollars cheaper than even a used 1 year old Body found on eBay.

Glad I was able to grab the deal, these popular cameras and lenses sold out in a matter of hours once they announced a nice percentage off promo code. You can also check out their other items including printers and other Canon supplies here:

canon 5d mark II new refurbished

26 thoughts on “Canon Refurbished Cameras & Lenses

  1. Eric

    I wish I could get a refurb product, but it seems that its only available tu US residents. I live in Canada, and they do not offer to ship here. I went to Canon Canada, and unfortunately, they don't seem to have refurbished cameras for sale!


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  4. Chris

    I picked up a t2i long after reading this post and I have to say its brand friggin new. Im in love. Im officially a DSLR (wanna be) filmmaker.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Gee - Do you have more information on how it died? Like falling into a lake i'm sure wouldn't be covered in the warranty.

  6. Gee

    A word of warning here. I bought a refurb T2i. After a couple of days it died. The 90 day warranty seems worthless as Canon now want me to pay a $250 flat fee for the repair.

    So think twice before you buy a refurb Canon camera.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Bruklyn Desmond-Osarogie Richard - If you're talking about a really good wide lens, you'll be looking around $3K.

  8. Bruklyn Desmond-Osarogie Richard

    How much does a 7d canon camcoder(camera) alongside it's lens (fisheye lens and wide angle lens )cost? Both refurbished and fully new ones.

  9. I bought a refurbished 5D (pre-sale) and there were red and white pixel recorded on every frame of video. I called to have a replacement sent and was told that I could either send it to be repaired and wait two weeks to have it fixed or pay for another refurbished 5D, have them ship it next day and send the broken camera back. I asked why I couldn't send the camera back next day and when it is received they send me another camera next day air (since I paid for next day air the first time).
    The customer service rep said "That is a good idea, but we don't have a policy to do that yet, but they should."
    Just letting you know if you do purchase a referbished you will have to wait 2 weeks or so (depending on the closest service location) or you will have to kick out more money if you need a camera faster.

  10. gmsash

    You guys better start buying everything you want from Canon Nikon etc. This situation with Japan now... horrible

  11. Jay

    Years ago when I wanted to buy something refurbished, I ended up doing quite a bit of research on what constitutes a product as refurbished and what rules/laws are there for such products. When it came time to get 5D I had no problems picking one up from Canon as refurbished as I knew that it could not be a used product and that it will have to come in a like new condition. No issues so far.

    I did get 24-105 refurbished less than two months ago and it broke already but Canon is picking up the repair bills.

  12. I jumped on the 10% discount on the refurb products and got a 60D. I was wondering about their refurb condition also, but was excited to find it was like brand new. Seems to be a really great buy. You post on the discount really sold me, thanks!

  13. JimH

    I got a 14mm L lens. Man it is nice, it takes some sharp pictures, huge field of view with minimal distortion, and the 3 foot max focal distance will come in handy when I mount it on my glidecam

  14. Kumaran

    I picked up a refurb 5D II after seeing your post about the deal. Mine looks jus like new and works fine.. But the shutter actuations shows 893..
    Makes me worry a little.. 🙁

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Nick - Of course. I guess I just never had any of my Canon cameras fail before, and i'm always upgrading (selling off older items). Never have too much collecting dust..

  16. Nick


    Up until I found out about this loyalty program I had not one but TWO dead SD-series point and shoots collecting dust on my desk. I don't encourage actually breaking a camera to get the deal, but if you've been using Canon products long enough you're bound to have at least dud piece of equipment collecting dust somewhere, YOU DIG? It's all on the up and up!

  17. Randy

    You can also buy these refurbished cameras from retailers. I bought my T2i with 18-55 lens from It saved me $150 off a new one. And it's just like new. It was $30 more than on the Canon site but here's why. Adorama extends the 90 day warranty to 1 year, because they say they are so confident you won't have any problems with a refurbished camera. It was a great deal and it gave me some peace of mind. It came in the white box with a gold sticker on the body and lens that said "Refurbished."

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Nick - I've heard about that, and sounds good considering the amount of run around you might have to deal with, but also sounds like a good way to get on Canon's black list. LOL.

  19. I purchased a refurb 7d from "Canon Loyalty Program" that not many people seem to know about. They dont advertise it (for some odd reason). All you do is mail in (free shipping) a busted Canon point N shoot camera and they automatically take 20% off the refurb price bringing the 7d down to $1,050. Now that is a DAMN good price.

  20. Nick

    According to a DVXUser thread if you've got ANY old Canon laying around (including point and shoot and older film cameras) that's broken and deemed unrepairable by Canon there's a "loyalty" program that gets you 20% off any refurb product. Prices break down like this for body only:

    1D MrkIV.................$3199.36
    5D MrkII..................$1599.20

    Full instructions:

  21. itsjohnny

    Great buy!! I procrastinated too long. They don't have the 5DMK2 listed anymore. I wanted to get a 2nd MK2 and sell my MK1.

  22. Keith

    I picked one up during the same sale and it appears to be brand new also. It appears to have never been handled, other than placing it in the refurb box. Additionally, I picked up a Canon 28mm F1.8 prime refurb. Again this was in "New" condition and appeared to have never been handled. The lens is solid and produces some amazingly sharp images.

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