Behind the Scenes – Monsters

Luke writes in and shares this video with a Behind the Scenes look to the recent 'Monsters' movie. Ok so there's mixed reviews on the movie's entire story, but you have to admire what has been made from an almost nothing budget. Take a good look at the gear (or lack of) and you'll find what's looks to be a simple Sony EX-3 working hard on a $24.00 shoulder support and a basic set of rails. This looks pretty much like the two handle setup I'm using with my Gini Rig. Still worried about that cheap shoulder support not holding up? I'm guessing these guys really put it through the paces and seemed happy with the results. A Letus Adapter gives it a bit more depth of field on the Sony prosumer camcorder for that traditional Cinema look. There's also a nice comment towards the end about the importance of audio. All in all it's a pretty cool BTS video that definitely shows even cheap gear can be used for big things. Thanks for sharing and pointing that out Luke.

Here's the official trailer that was released for this movie

Here's that shoulder support again:
find-price-button Shoulder Support Pad for Video Camcorder Camera DV / DC

17 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – Monsters

  1. Christo

    Sounds mysterious Emm....Do tell what you know 🙂 I'd love an easy and cheap way to mount some rails.

  2. Rabby

    @ Y. Chuang, the one EMM has mentioned above "CowboyStudio Shoulder Support Pad" it was $20 when I bought while ago when Emm posted it.

  3. rob

    @jj Yikes!!! - so much money for those. The setup looks very cool though, defintely interested in that setup with the handlebars.

  4. I read this on HD magazine, Thanks EMM for posting this. This is so inspiring,
    I do plan to make my full feature soon. Script done, need to lock down a budget then jump what ever my heart tells me. No turning back. This shows little guys like us can kick Hollywood butt. This $20 should Pad rocks.

  5. jj

    I saw this about a month ago and also noticed he was utilizing the 24 dollars shoulder mount - to support an EX3 with DOF adapter no less!

    ROB: The handle bars are Zacuto Zgrips V3 - 750USD.

    As we've seen you can get an entire gini rig and mount that on it for less...which is exactly what I'm gonna do.

  6. Randy

    I think this movie is just one more example of the trend to more independent productions. This is simply amazing that a tiny crew can make a feature length film on a desktop. And a high quality film at that. What things have come down to is that most people now can afford the equipment. But the difference is the technical expertise to pull it off and the story/screenwriting/directing part. I guess the science and art of moviemaking.

  7. Absolutely awesome & inspiring.

    I read a good comment on vimeo the other day.
    As usual (I'm also guilty) someone asked the author "what equipment or software' was used to make the video.
    Another user commented, 'what does it matter... no one asks a painter what brush he used, or a singer what microphone was used to record a song.'

  8. Very cool. I saw Chase Jarvis rocking the ebay shoulder rig in one of his last BTS videos alongside a Merlin Steadicam. Love it!

  9. Dan

    Hats of to Gareth for forging ahead (and to anyone who does so for that matter).

    Anyone have an idea for how he pulled focus with a set up like the one featured in the BTS?

    I'm also curious, with the multitude of focus pulling systems out there that no one has come up with one that can be operated off the rails and closer to a handle under the one can keep both hands under the camera but still pull focus. Any thoughts?


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