Quick Release LCD ViewFinder Mount

Thanks to Eric S. for sharing his DIY view finder mount. For real running and gunning, it's quite a pain in the a$$ having an LCD Viewfinder fall off so easily. Some inexpensive DSLR LCD ViewFinders use a metal sticky frame that allows the magnets of the view finder to stay in place. The most common problem with these are when the adhesive of the metal frame comes off with too much time in the sun. Once that metal frame is off, you'll be stuck without a way to mount your view finder for the rest of the shoot.

On this site people have shared ways to use a high quality Glass LCD Protector and permanently fixing the LCD ViewFinder. Epoxy is a good choice. Curious if there's one that would be a close fit to a Canon 60D... It's an excellent idea on providing a super solid hold while still allowing for a fast way on and a fast way off the camera. For those who aren't familiar with making a DIY LCD Viewfinder Quick Release, this is a look at the final build using information from this article. http://cheesycam.com/new-glass-lcd-protector-canon-nikon/

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14 thoughts on “Quick Release LCD ViewFinder Mount

  1. @duncan @matt @sandy i do not think the T2i version will properly fit the 60D due to slight and minor layout differences...might prevent a good flush fit...light filing and/or 'gasketing' may solve that though...i am gonna try it next payperiod (my diy comes in those frequencies) and probably holler back about the results or post on youtube...

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Nikki - have you already changed your profile? The camera has profile settings that automatically add contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc. You can dial that down, and then just add what you need in post. There are guys building out profiles you can load with the canon software. Do a search on super flat.

  3. Nikki

    Emm, great idea. This is off topic, but I wanted to ask if there are any low light differences between the T2i and the 60D. I have the T2i and when shooting in low light, the darks get really dark (using a 50mm 1.8). Will a 60D show any noticeable low light differences from the T2i? Like -- not so much contrast. I'm thinking about buying it, but if they share the same results, I will just stick with what I've got. Thanks!

  4. Mickey Jones

    I have the LCD protector. It's an excellent quality item. I bought it with the idea of gluing a viewfinder frame to it but I eventually found a non-adhesive mount for my hoodman viewfinder. The only thing about the screen protector idea is that it produces a bit of a ghost image on high contrast items like text on the screen. I just ignore it but it is there. Also, it's not that easy to remove and install. Takes a bit of force.

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