Availble for Pre-Order – Stage Zero Dolly


Dynamic Perceptions generated quite some excitement after showcasing their 'Stage Zero' motion controlled Timelapse camera slider. You can find that video here: http://cheesycam.com/dynamic-perceptions-motion-controlled-timelapse-rig/. Unfortunately at the time the video was released, the Stage Zero Timelapse rig was unavailable for order, and no prices had been released. Well, wait no more. Just yesterday there was an announcement opening up the flood gates for pre-orders on a 4ft and 6ft rig. You can find more information and prices over at the Dynamic Perceptions website https://www.dynamicperception.com/.


6 thoughts on “Availble for Pre-Order – Stage Zero Dolly

  1. do

    i forgot ... and the controller looks/feel little complicated, yo need to even set-up moving direction (left/right) no joystick (like kessler) ... for now, it's not deal 4me.

  2. Got the notification e-mail as well.

    On the side note, did you ever try this for video work?
    If I understand it correctly the fastest it can go is 30"/minute which would take just over a minute for the 6' version. If the subject was static, you could speed up the video but just wondering how fluid it is,

  3. Marshall Baker

    Wow, I wish it was just a little cheaper. $450-$500 and I'd be all over it. It's just a bit outside what I'd pay for it. Don't know if I'd even use it for time lapse much, just would like a motorized camera slider.

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