Dynamic Perceptions Motion Controlled Timelapse Rig

Above is an older video from Dynamic Perceptions LLC. I just heard a rumor that Dynamic Perceptions will be releasing their long awaited motion controlled timelapse rig. Ok, i'm lying they emailed me, I was on a newsletter list. It's not a rumor. I hope this isn't top secret guys! Soon to be released and awesome as hell, I can't wait to start seeing some Timelapse videos shot with their new motion controlled rigs. Dynamic Perceptions are responsible for the rig that was used to make that famous Iceland Volcano timelapse found here.

They promised a really low budget motion controlled timelapse slider, and from the estimated prices, it looks like they've met that promise. If you're interested in seeing more awesome footage, hit em up. If you guys happen to get one before me, share them videos.

Another fine example of the Dynamic Perceptions Timelapse dollies was used for this video.

Macro Timelapse Dolly Moves (Hacked GH1) from MILapse on Vimeo.

The most demanding moves for the timelapse dolly are macro. What's a better way to test my freshly hacked GH1??

This is using the dynamicperception.com timelapse dolly at full speed for various focus rack moves. All shots were captured in avchd VIDEO with a hacked GH1 (thanks to tester13! donate now! https://www.gh1-hack.info/) with a Sigma 105/2.8 macro. Most are 1-3 inches of travel...

I'm running the GH1 @ (40(5) 50(5) 56(5) 60(5) aka the jobless 'D' settings) which should result in 37.4 Mbps. It looks astounding to me! enjoy & feel free to download for a big screen mind melting experience...

Track: NIN "1 Ghosts I"

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  2. If you make it to Siggraph, I'll be there showing off our latest electronics, demo'ing one of the prototype dollies, and should have some other neat stuff (depending on what I can get done in that time!) on-hand.

    xRez Studios will be doing a short presentation on DIY MoCo/OpenMoco/Arduino-based projects, and we've joined up with them to show off some cool stuff and talk about building your own motion control rigs.

  3. lex

    im sure you can use this as a slider too... wonder what the prices will be... i have to cop one quick, everything you big up inflates in price like crazy.

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