Audio Technica ATR288W Wireless Example

There's only so many wireless microphone systems out there and If you've been wondering about this particular Audio Technica ATR 288W, here's a small clip. YouTube member creese13 writes in and shares a little test he's put together. Taking the budget wise Audio Technica ATR288W wireless system out for a small stroll it seems to be doing the job much better than the cheap Sony stuff I tried out as a backup wireless system. Flipping between Channel A and Channel B during this test, you decide which sounds better. Overall not bad sound for a budget wireless LAV going into a 7D -with AGC on. [Thanks Corey]

find-price-button Audio-Technica ATR 288W - Microphone - black

One thought on “Audio Technica ATR288W Wireless Example

  1. Update 2-7-2011

    Hello, after two test in real situations the Mic is 1-2, both times producing feedback at different points, denoiser in Premiere takes care of the gain as seen in the test clip , but the second time today 2-7-2011 the Mic produced almost like the ear test sound when you get your ears checked, but remained constant. Seems like your results will vary depending on your location. I did have the zoom h4n close by recording for backup, so not sure if that made a difference or not with the signal. If audio is super important to your project this might be a no go because of it not yielding consistent results. Back to looking for another solution.

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