Flycam Nano getting an Upgrade?


The Flycam Nano stabilizer has been around for years, but until recently it didn't get much steam. Now with plenty of fine examples of flying all the new light weight cameras, it's fast becoming the budget film maker's choice. Kai over at writes in about a problem with the Flycam Nano post. Turns out to have been a defective product, and then goes on to say the guys from India were nice enough to send another unit. This time though, the unit came with a different post. Gotta hand it to them for customer service, as I know we're all weary about overseas purchases.

So with the new thumb knob clamp in place (now similar to Glidecam's locking adjustment) the question is - Is this an older version or are we going to start seeing a change in the Flycam Nano's post? Anyone else get one recently to comment on this new post design? Mine is different as seen in my image below...

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  1. Yong


    I had read and watch ur video review on glideCam HD-1000, flycam nano etc but Did not see you do anything on L'aigle Titan.

    How do u think of L'aigle titan compared to Glidecam HD-2000 in terms of their own weight and the weight that they can handle?

  2. TRW

    Where is everyone buying their Flycams? eBay? I'm curious where all this allegedly great customer service is coming into play -- via eBay messaging?

  3. Prohidium

    Just got mine. New style knob. The unit is nicely built, especially considering the price. Bought the arm brace as well knowing that it will help a lot. 5 days to Canada and no customs charges that I know of (I could get billed extra I suppose from fedex but I don't think it wll happen)

    I am going to push the weight with a 7d w/grip, 7" monitor, 10-22 lens, rhode videomic. Hopefully it will fly. Will post again if it does.

  4. spaceflows

    @ Emm. Thanks, I'll look into that. I never closely examined whether it was the post or the sled that was the culprit. If it's the latter I'll try your remedy.

  5. Thanks for the info Ibrahim.
    I emailed them and explained my issue as well.
    I have had it back in the box for weeks now contemplating selling it because its become a paperweight.

    I was certain, I was doing something wrong, but I watches Emm's video and a this one:
    still no luck.

  6. Ibrahim Serra


    Hey Yes I emailed them and explained the problem with the gimbal, they asked me to try a few things, which I already had, then they offered to send me a new unit. FIrst they asked me to send the old one back, but now they seem to be saying not to worry and they will send a new one regardless, I'm just waiting for a response for clarification.

  7. @Ibrahim Serra

    I have a similar issue, I have not been able to balance since I got got it. Just when I think it is balanced after fine tuning knobs and sled, it will drift, spin and tilt. I have spent hours at it, then come back to it a few days later trying a fresh start, but no better results.

    I also have the old style, that eats your hand up.

    Did you contact pro-aim and they agreed to send you a new one?

    Do you have to ship the old one back?

  8. Inflamess

    Yes, flycam seems to came out with a new model of their flycam

    recently i seen one my local store has em in stock
    will try to snap some pics for it 🙂

  9. Ibrahim Serra

    Hey all.

    I've been having many problems with the Gimbal on mine. The issue occurs when everything is balanced and you tilt the handle slightly up or down, everything goes off balance. I explained this to the guys at ProAim, and they have agreed to ship me a new unit, they also explained that I would be getting the new thumb knob too. I am very pleased with their customer service and the way they deal with issues and problems.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @spaceflows - The only spinning post problem I had was the lower sled (not the actual post). Between the sled and the bottom of the post I added a lock washer. This keeps the sled from backing off the threads.

  11. spaceflows

    Has anyone worked out a DIY fix to the spinning post? Besides that one drawback, which isn't that bad, I haven't had any issues, especially since I purchased the arm brace which solves the mini-handle problem as Joel mentioned above.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @mojo - Mine works fine, but I have mine set to my liking. I don't mess it with much. I have a set camera + lens combo I use and I leave it at that.

  13. Sandewwwrrr

    Got mine a month ago. Didn't have the knob. I want it because the weights at the bottom keep turning around.

  14. mojo

    What is the problem with the original post? I don't seem to have anything wrong with it. I checked out Kai's website but could not find his post...

  15. Jumping onto the dog pile at this point, but I got mine last week and it includes the thumb knob. Had fun running up and down the stairs with it the other night.

  16. I've got mine 1 week ago, it comes with the new knob.
    Haven't got enough time to play with it yet, so far no luck to stabilize it.

  17. Joel

    Got a nano a few weeks ago and it's like the picture at the bottom. I use a rubber jar opener thing to get a grip on it, then hold the top of the stabilizer to loosen. I'm not a fan of it or the handle. As soon as I got it I went back and ordered the wrist brace. Both shipped real fast. Works so much better with the wrist brace. Makes the handle a lot bigger.

  18. alex

    I would have loved this knob attachment 4 months ago when i bought it. Ive gotten so many blisters from tightening the thing, and have more or less rebuilt a chunk of it to keep it from slipping, or doubling back on itself when you overtighten (which you have to do, because it drifts). I wonder if its a permanent fix to the eventual drift on the axis?

  19. Robere

    Mine came 2 days ago and has that knob. Works well.
    One thing I find having X Large hands the handle they supply is way too small and will need to be changed. I have about 1.5 fingers slipping off the bottom of the grip. The foam handle they supply shifts slightly when moving which causes a judder. Fix is longer handle and replace cheap foam handle with mountain bike handle bar grip.

  20. Jonas Lindstrom

    I experienced the same defect mentioned in the article but received a new one that looks the the previous version. I would have much preferred this new one as I still experience problems with what was sent. Also, their customer service is excellent.

  21. Jose Ramos

    I was about to order the Flycam Nano, but first I need to know: is the new version better or worst?

  22. Just ordered mine, that makes it a little more exciting. Has anyone thought of attaching this to the $24 shoulder support like the older post set it up with the Merlin?
    I'm giving that a shot.

  23. Is that the only thing that changed? if they where giving it an upgrade then adding things like the glidecam HD head would be nice but i am sure that would ad to the cost.

    Seams more like a little fix then an upgrade to me.

    Just saying

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