LED Lighting Dead On.


I can't believe how much talk is going on just on LED lighting. In any case, just to throw in more confusion, here's a quick snapshot of what I'm going to put together as my own test. For this, i've hired a Jedi Master. Aside from the 500 LED video light panel, these smaller LED lights aren't typically used for 3 point lighting setups (although I believe they can work for small setups). The 500 LED is in there as my baseline of light quality since it's become so popular and you'll get to see how much these tiny lights compete to the larger level.

So my test will just be flat on, lighting at about eye level, with the subject about 2ft. from a backdrop. This is typically what you would do if you're mounting these small lights to the hot shoe of your camera. This will be a basic test just to see what the diffusion is like from a subject and the differences in color temperature. Unfortunately i'm guessing my subject may have a slightly green tint (sshh..he's quite sensitive about this matter), you'll be able to tell from the white backdrop. Anyways, it's a one man show in here, so i'll try to get this going...

Also not shown in the image, I might throw in the 183 LED light into the mix. By the way, I haven't had time to blog it, but i'm also throwing in the 352 LED Ring Light (second from left). Not much has been said about this light on the Internet, it's quite expensive, but it should be an exciting test to throw in to compare what a ring light can really do.

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  1. Tom

    I understand you live near San Francisco... I would be up for collaborating as a model for comparison shots to get to see all your cool gear. Shoot me an email and we can set something up.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Stephen Berke - Yeah I know about them and was waiting for those to come in. I'll post more information soon.

  3. I went into the ePhoto store today, all set to pick up some of those 500 LED panels. (Darn this website, always causing me to spend more money.) Instead I ended up walking out with a a few newer models they're carrying. I ended up with the CN-600 and CN-900 (they also had a CN-1200). It's the same company that makes the CN-126 and CN-160. The lights are yoke mounted, they are lighter and brighter than the 500 and fully dim-able. Best of all, they have a v-mount right on the back! The barn doors are black instead of reflective, and there is a slot in the side for filters. They are a bit more expensive than the older 500 models, but the difference was pretty drastic. They don't even have them on the website yet.

  4. I also live in the bay and would be more then willing to show up and test all your gear for videos if you are actually calling for that.

  5. The Yongnuo 135: a note:
    I had AA batteries in at the same time as Li-Ion batteries. The heat from the Li-Ion battery melted the AA batteries and got corrosion all over the inside of the light. Maybe this was just a freak thing with my light, but I thought it worth warning people.
    I caught it before the corrosion killed the light, but it did mess up the dimmer.

  6. Leo Telles

    I'm exiting about this test, that's what i'm waiting for in the last couple months =)

    And yes, a person would be perfect.

  7. Randy

    Come on Emm. We know you have tons of friends hanging around, trying to pick your brain and use your stuff. If not, there are lots of people who'd volunteer. Problem is I'm not in your area. 🙁

  8. Mickey Jones


    Really. Good. I'd like to get one but I saw some reports of flickering at the all important 1/50 shutter speed.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Dave - Yeah I know, it's just hard getting people to sit in on these random tests. I really don't have much of a schedule for this blog. LOL. I'll drug someone on the street and then tie them to a chair.

  10. Emm, I know you want to use the wise Jedi Master but can I request you use a real person so we can all see the differences on skin? I think that would make a much better test.

    Please? I am sure the Jedi Master would not take it personally. 🙂

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