Auction (or Buy it Now) of the Day – Complete Genus DSLR kit

Please ask all questions to the seller should you consider this auction. I do not have any more information other than what's listed in the details of the auction. Posted today on eBay - a complete Genus Camera Shoulder Rig with handles, shoulder pad, counter weight, LCD View Finder, and Follow Focus system. Everything you need for a solid shoulder rig and then some. It's all Genus products so it's worth a bit more change than cheaper gear, but might be something to consider for those of you who are familiar with Genus. I looked over all the products and added things up, and the complete kit on eBay has been listed today for about 50% off total retail price.

Here's the direct links to the B&H Photo Video catalog to the products combined together in this single auction (I believe these are the ‘exact’ same products, please contact the seller for any questions).
Genus Camera Shoulder Mount System
Genus Superior Follow Focus System for DSLR Cameras

Auction found here:

find-price-button Genus DSLR Rig, Counter weights, Handles, Shoulder Pad, View Finder, with Follow Focus

3 thoughts on “Auction (or Buy it Now) of the Day – Complete Genus DSLR kit

  1. Serge

    Emm has always been very honest and upfront with his offerings, the same way he gives a very none bias reviews on his findings and purchases.

    Plus its the only way to get rid of the stuff he buys to "test out" that we so eager want more info on... Plus a bit extra pocket change is rightfully deserved when he is doing all this "ebay time spending research" all on his own.
    We all have benefited from his findings.

    Thanks Emm!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - LOL, sometimes I do post for myself and for friends, but i'll state that in the post. Otherwise, I spend lots of time on eBay (as you can already tell), and i'm just listing them as I see them.

  3. paul

    call me skeptical, but every time you do a post like this I can't help but feel like theres more to it than you're letting on. A friends e-bay auction perhaps? With a little on the side for you?

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