New Gear from Cinevate?

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Cinevate has been one of those companies constantly surprising everyone with new innovation around DSLR accessories. Their line of Linear Rails a.k.a. 'Camera Sliders', 'Pegasus Carbon table Dolly', and 'Cyclops View Finder', are just a few of those examples.

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Building a DSLR rig traditionally starts with a foundation of rods, but the guys over at are working on something a bit different. Opening up to the more budget conscious audience, a new concept is based around a specially designed "base plate(slash)quick release(slash)cheese plate". Stabilizer handles, articulating arms, positionable clamps, and more will directly attach to this 'basequickcheese' plate using threaded mounts acting as a foundation for a custom fit rig.

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Not sure what it's all going to be labeled as, but for further expansion the base plate combines with rails to support items like a follow focus system or matte box. Threaded rotating ball clamps and multi-length clamp rods can be mixed and matched for different purposes.

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Lots of new stuff in the pipeline and more will be posted about these things soon. Not sure if any of this is available, or if these ideas will make it out to the storefront, but you might be able to grab some info over at

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @imgpro615 - Yeah you're right. It is the Simplis line. The article was written about 7 months ago. Here it is on my 60D httpss://

  2. i think this is some of the "simplis" line they are claim to be budget friendly...yeah if you are on a hollywood greenlight budget sure this stuff is cheap...but for the have-nots of us, simplis is simply highway robbery...

    that said, the gear they have is quite incredible and interchangable. great tools if you HAVE the means...unfortunately i currently do not...but their gear is pretty awesome

  3. I actually badgered Cinevate about this because their video on the Cyclops mounting system appeared to show the exact thing I'd been looking around for on the internet for ages .

    I know other people who are interested, it would be an ideal solution for adding extra accessories and improving handheld shots (without having to buy the cyclops viewfinder). The closest alternative I found was "the grip" from , but the Cinevate product would be much more versatile. All they need to do is release a low profile cheeseplate, that keeps the optical centre, and will allow space for the battery door and can attach one of their own articulated grips....

    ....and happy new year!

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