Alware Senrigan GP 55 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal V2 With Bluetooth

I'm far from being an expert on these things, but I've seen my share of small gimbals, and have even built a few myself from scratch. This newly upgraded version of the Senrigan GP-55 3 Axis Gimbal caught my attention because it's now running the new 32 bit Basecam controller (Alexmos) with Dual IMU Sensors and includes a Bluetooth Module. It also comes with the metal housing kit covering the controller and both IMU sensors. There is certainly quite a bit going on here for the price.

Sure it may be a great little kit to mount with medium sized multicopters, but it could be great for handheld use. If it's not super clear by now, these Basecam driven gimbals are completely self contained systems. Once you add battery power, they can fully operate without being mounted to some type of multicopter. Basically if you can find a way to clamp a couple of handles over the top of these units, you'll have yourself a working 32 Bit Dual IMU 3 Axis Handheld camera gimbal stabilizer.

Of course the only problem with this particular gimbal is that the frame will limit you to work with smaller cameras around the size of a Sony NEX5 or possibly a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera with either a Lumix 14mm or 20mm pancake lens. Or possibly with one of those new Panasonic 4K compact cameras i've been eyeballing.

You can check out additional photos and info on the Senrigan GP55 Gimbal (found here)

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16 thoughts on “Alware Senrigan GP 55 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal V2 With Bluetooth

  1. Those yellow/orange rings on top of it look like they could fit standard 15mm rails. Anyone able to confirm this ?
    If this is the case, mounting handles should be a piece of cake.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Rod Payment - Yes just find a way to add handles and turn on follow modes in the software. I built a few gimbals this way, but the frames are only good for small cameras, not my GH4.

  3. It would be great to see someone set this up for handheld, I would buy the Lx100. Would you only need basic handles and set up a mode for single user operation?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Mike - The motors on these gimbals are surprisingly strong, but I think the frame is too small to get proper balance on that Sony camera.

  5. Also, what would you recommend to power this thing ? Are there any solutions that involve Sony NP batteries (since I already have 4 of those for my Atomos Ninja) and don't require a lot of DIY ?

  6. Hi Emm,

    Very tempting, as this should work with a Panasonic G6 with 14mm, or do you see any reason why it wouldn't ?
    It's only slightly larger than the G12 in this video, and weight of the G6 body is only 9grams more (without lens).

    Or am I forgetting something ?

  7. A DJI Phantom with a Zenmuse HD-D3 is on my list. Could you use this thing with the Phantom to fly a GoPro 4 and say, handheld with an LX100?

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - If it can fit a camera it could work. This is still using the same alexmos as the other gimbals so you can tune and program it the same.

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