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Get ready for tonight (Saturday @midnight) or if you're on the East Coast then expect Sunday at 3AM as orders for the new GoPro HERO4 4K camera officially open up. While you may be planning to just pick up the HERO4 itself, there's been a few new accessories every serious GoPro shooter may want to consider to get the most out of this new camera.

For one, there's now a different style battery for the HERO4 and if it's anything like previous GoPro cameras, you'll definitely need some spare batteries. GoPro has made it very clear this battery is specific to the HERO4 so don't count on your old HERO3/+ batteries helping you out.

gopro hero 4 new battery model version spare batteryGoPro Hero4 battery spare batteries
GoPro Hero4 available in stock
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With the extra batteries, you'll probably want a more convenient way of charging them. GoPro has also released a new Dual Battery Charger which can charge via USB. This charger is specific to the new HERO4 batteries.

GoPro Hero4 dual battery charger usbGoPro Dual Battery Charger Hero4 4k
GoPro Hero4 available in stock
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Aside from the new battery, there's an optional external battery pack for the HERO4 (when you don't want to use the LCD) that will more than double up your run time. Handy when you can't easily swap batteries. Chances are though because this new one is backwards compatible, your older version may still work, but GoPro claims this new model offers at least 15% longer run time than the previous battery BacPac. Something to consider as this new cameras is 2x more powerful than the HERO3 and 4K video may eat up runtime.

gopro hero4 battery bacpac double batterygopro spare bacpac battery
GoPro Hero4 available in stock
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Also what appears to have received an upgrade is the LCD Touch Screen Bacpac. Again if you have an older version, chances are it may work with the HERO4. I'm not sure what changes have been made exactly from the previous version, but the new model will be available at the same time the HERO4 will be released.

GoPro Hero4 LCD BacPacGoPro Hero4 Hero3 Hero3+ LCD Bacpac
GoPro Hero4 available in stock
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So if you're anything like me, i'll be online tonight trying to get my orders in. For popular items such as this, I tend to buy a little more than I need in case it sells out, and always have the option to return or sell it off if I don't need it. So who else is planning to purchase the new GoPro HERO4?

5 thoughts on “New GoPro Hero4 4K Camera Accessories

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @MySchizoBuddy - If you want 4K, you have to go with the Black. Sorry, I'm personally not thinking about anything else but I guess you won't have the option of running with an extended battery.

  2. MySchizoBuddy

    Hero4 silver already comes with lcd bacpac. how will you attach the battery bacpac with it.

  3. bohus

    I'll be there too. I use mine all the time, despite being just about the least sporty person ever. I've also been designing some 3rd party add-ons, so am anxious to see well all my stuff works with the new cameras.

    I'll tell you, one thing I really wish they'd refine over at GoPro is the relationship they have with those of us who are developing for their cameras. Because they make money with the own accessory line, I'm sure they don't want more competition... but at the same time there are so many cool things coming out from 3rd parties that GoPro will never do.

    Having a real developer program would be a huge boon. I could have had some new goodies ready for this launch, but I have to buy my cameras along with everyone else at full retail. Usually camera manufacturers have been very supportive of the work of developers like me, and they'll give me a break on the camera price. Tonight I'll be spending over a thousand bucks, which is really significant for a guy like me.

    But work stuff aside... the GoPro is my fun camera - and that's what I'm looking forward to with the GoPro 4. More crazy shooting fun!

  4. VillageBoi

    I'm in, planning to buy one and it will be my first GoPro ever - the wait is over and next on the list is a Phanthom 😉

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