Satostudio HD DSLR video workshop

I'm always networking and learning from professionals so that one day I might be able to step up my game. One of the guys I turn to for technical DSLR videography questions is Michael Sato at Recently Michael announced that he'll be possibly holding a workshop closer to my area, and I thought i'd share this information.

If you are looking to make the transition from a video camera to a DSLR camera let Michael Sato from Satostudios give you a jumpstart on camera operation, Lenses, stabilization, and workflow. Learn how to use your Canon 7d,5d, 550d, 1dmkiv to fit your video needs. Whether you are a current film maker, photographer, or just starting out he will help you become an expert to fit your projects. Michael offers 1 day 4 or 6 hour workshops or a 2 day complete training.

For workshops and commissions go to: