Engadget – Rechargeable Battery Shootout

Engadget posted an article about the three most popular rechargeable batteries. I've blogged about my use of the Sanyo Eneloops in all of my devices, and i'm loving 'em. In fact, i'll save you time and let you know that in their tests it was pretty much the same, and also close to the same prices. In the end though, they gave it up to the Sanyo Eneloops (only because of the reported recharge longevity). I don't think they have enough time to truly test the claim of holding about 90% charge after sitting for 1 year.

Best deal I found was on Amazon. Even cheaper than eBay.

More at this link: https://www.engadget.com/2010/05/12/aa-rechargeable-battery-shootout-energizer-powergenix-and-sany/