Portable Interview Setup with CAME-TV Boltzen Andromeda LED Lights

Traveling, so I needed an interview kit to stay as compact as possible. Love this setup! In the video i'm using (2) Cam-Tv Boltzen 55w LED fresnels (without the lenses installed) to flood the 5x7 collapsible white backdrop (for an infinite white setup).

I placed a single 1ft Came-TV Andromeda (5600K) behind the subject for hair light (rim light). Then I placed a single 2ft Andromeda LED light in front of subject as Key + Fill. These light bars throw a very broad soft light, so if positioned correctly you can make them work as a key without harsh shadows where you would normally need a fill light I set it horizontally and slightly angled, and just moved it around until I got the look I wanted.
LED Lights: https://came-tv.com

All lights can optionally be powered via batteries if you don’t have AC access. Also for this kit, I used all reverse folding light stands. If you're not familiar with reverse folding stands, they fold differently so they fit into smaller travel luggage. My lighting was small so these types of stands work perfectly for a travel kit.
Reverse Folding Light Stands: https://cheesycam.tv/reversestand

For audio I used my favorite Azden SGM-250CX shotgun mic mounted on my DIY Carbon Fiber Boom Pole.

Timelapse using 360 camera: https://cheesycam.tv/instacamera

2 thoughts on “Portable Interview Setup with CAME-TV Boltzen Andromeda LED Lights

  1. Post author

    @Brandon C Luckain - The 2ft does not fit in a carry-on. I usually only carry on my camera, lenses, and media. Normally I just check in my lights, stands, audio, etc. If you want to make a box light, I would go with the 3ft. If you go with 2ft, you have to have the subject closer to the square. I buy rolling cases for my light stands and tripods, but when traveling, i'm just using really big luggage. I have also seen people use Rolling Hard Cases for Golf Bags like this (click here).

  2. Brandon C Luckain

    What are you using to transport all that gear (stands, LED lights, tripod, etc)? Curious, does the 2ft fit in a carry-on? I like them, but I'm stuck between the 2ft and 3 ft for making a box/window setup with them a la Peter Hurley Style.

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