DIY BIG Desk for Video Editing with 3 Monitors – Asus PA32U Monitor + IMac 5K + Apple Display

Starting with a 'Door Blank' for just $16 dollars, I now have a large desk surface to place my iMac 5K, Asus PA32U UHD Monitor, and extra Apple Display.

I started with a door blank, which means there are no holes drilled for a door knob, and nothing carved out for door hinges. The door is lightweight as it's a hollow core, but solid around the edges. I chose one that had a small defect so it was hugely discounted from $65 to just $16 dollars. I then rolled on a few coats of Appliance Epoxy paint to it would be a hard glossy finish (easy to clean).

Instead of table legs, I'm using IKEA Cube shelving so I can place my LACIE RAID and other hard drives. You can also add Cube Bins to store small accessories. I also drilled holes 'inside of the cubes' so I can pass wires through from one cube to the next, or run cables up and down. It keeps things tidy.

Under the desk I mounted a large power strip with 12 outlets, and each one spaced to fit any weird sized adapters. This is plenty of power connectors for all my stuff.

For all of the loose cables, I hung them up under the desk using special zip tie mounts.

I drilled holes to pass wires through and covered with Desk Grommets. You'll be amazed what other types of Desk Grommets there are out there, including USB power adapters to charge devices if you wanted to add that.

This simple setup would also make for a great Craft table at home, or a lightweight workbench in the garage. And what I like is that it doesn't require any special tools to put a workspace like this together, and it doesn't look half bad. If I need to move to a new office, it will be easy to take apart as each piece is lightweight. I've ordered some additional parts, and there's a lot more i'll be adding so stay tuned

6 thoughts on “DIY BIG Desk for Video Editing with 3 Monitors – Asus PA32U Monitor + IMac 5K + Apple Display

  1. Post author

    @Rich - You can, but I didn't. All I added was some rubbery grip drawer liners. Once there is weight on the desk, it won't move as there is too much friction.

  2. What a brilliant way to build your own desk that looks amazing and is highly functional! I would have never thought to use those circle plastic pieces to hide cables - but that really sells the feeling it's a desk you bought (not a DIY).

    We have DIY 10ft tables at my office and the cables just go in the middle (which is fine) but doesn't look as good as this. And your white paint job looks NICE!

  3. Nice DIY setup. I just moved and didn't bring most of my office furniture so on the lookout for new ideas for my new office. Thanks for the tips!

    P.S.: Glad to see new content!

  4. Post author

    @VictorD - Thanks, sound like a good one. Mine is cheap and USB (hate wireless ones where battery dies all the time), but have been super happy with it and it's comfortable.

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