$296 dollar Z96 LED Advertises for $69 dollar Z96 LED

@TwitHerb emailed me about a set of DSLR LED video lights he's looking into buying, and also provided me some links to some forum discussions, and other websites. Let me start by just pointing out that i'm not trying to be mean here, but it's kinda funny. This information is already circling the Video forums, I seem to be the late bloomer on this product, and I was just pointed it out to it.

As with technology things change every few months and the oh so popular 126 LED light now has a new competitor (or replacement). Labeled as the Z96 LED light (it has 96 LEDs) there been several tests against the 126 LED and though it has fewer, seems to be the top performer. So, in summary the 126 is phasing out, the new Z96 is in. Roughly about the same price, about the same features, looks a bit smaller, but overall they are saying the Z96 is a better performer.


Here's the part where i'm trying not to be mean. Above, is a very good video demo showcasing the product, and watermarking the video back to the website where these LED lights are sold for $296 dollars. Below, is what these LED lights are going for coming out of eBay found here. In order for the eBay sellers to market the product, these sellers are using the guys video above.


I wonder if they sent him a gift basket? So basically this guy over at LCD4Video has just helped out by doing some clever video marketing for eBay sellers. Who knows how long this video will be posted in the auction, but check it out. Oh and If you haven't already invested into a set of DSLR LED video lights, these seem to be the ones that are the hot topic right now. You can find the new 96 LED DSLR Video lights here via eBay.

19 thoughts on “$296 dollar Z96 LED Advertises for $69 dollar Z96 LED

  1. mike

    hi there

    just wondering about you guy who got two or more Z96 - do they all come in same brightness from the lowest to max setting?

  2. DPC

    Good find, just ordered one! Looks like they're using your video as the product demo on eBay .. Hopefully then send you a nice gift basket. 😉

  3. That is great!!!! The pricepoint is amazing there and I LOVE that the filters are magnetic. HUGE plus for fast switchout. The fact that it has the pana, sony, canon Li-Ion adapter attached OR AA battery option makes it a unit that can't be beat in value.

    This is what I was waiting for. I'm so glad I didn't rush and buy some overpriced LED setup for my DSLR. Woo hoo!!! I ordered one just now!

  4. Charles

    James, I have looked at the Depot light, it is very off in color, and not as bright even thought it is larger. Same for one sold by Harbor Freight tools. Plus, this $70 light runs off internal AA batteries or a rechargable camcorder battery. The only thing the $296 version has over the $70 light is they throw in a cheap plastic foot like comes with many flash units, allowing it to stand on a table. Get your own mini pocket tripod, it will work much better. I was very surprised at the quality of the $70 unit, that is how these resellers get away with selling it for $300.

  5. Lex

    man these are like 20 more dollars. i rather wait til cheesy cam gets it. I know if he say its good then im cop'n ...

  6. james

    home depot has a light like this one(led work light) for 54.99 looks to be about the same..

  7. SEO

    Great tip, I ordered one today. But really, at that ebay price you almost can't lose as long as it works when it arrives.

    On a side note: Your blog is way easier to deal with then reading forums so thanks for doing a great job. You've surpassed many of my former favorite bloggers (won't mention names but you know who they are) in terms of useful info.

  8. Charles

    I bought this exact light 2 wks. ago from http://www.gadget.brando.com for $70, which included shipping. It is FANTASTIC! I just ordered a second unit. Fully adjustable output, very well made. I saw it at LCD4Video.com for over $300 with shipping, and I suspect they are sellling well at the higher price, it is good quality. Brando also ships airmail for the $70 total price, it takes a couple of weeks to get to the US.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    Besides the price they say these type of LEDs are actually brighter. So 96 was brighter than 126, and also in a smaller form factor. I'll get one soon to compare.

  10. Derk

    If you look at the cost per LED, the sweetspot are the 160 LED lights from LinkDelight on Ebay. Less then $60 including free shipping. I ordered two and they work like a charm.

  11. Calixte

    The video just gave me an idea to make a rig to hold more than 1 $60 light. Lol. Why does that chapel look like a barn?

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