Searching for Best Deals 126 LED lights

Seems to be a never ending cycle trying to find the best deals on these LED lights. They are just selling like crazy. Prices have gone up for USA sellers, but you can still grab them for around $50 Dollars + Free Shipping out of China.
More 126 LED's for around $50 dollars, can be shipped from China. Check out the Auctions Here.

5 thoughts on “Searching for Best Deals 126 LED lights

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  2. Jeff Morris

    I was wondering you Emm or anyone had any experience with color correcting these 126 LED lights to (near) Tungsten? Because the filter that they give you looks suspect. Anyone have any thoughts? I just ordered one and I am wondering if I should get some CTO from Filmtools, but then I'm not sure if I need a 1/4 or a 1/2 or 3/4 CTO, anyone been color correcting for these bad boys? I need some CTO, perhaps I'll get them all, just looking to save a buck or two 😉 Thanks


  3. erik

    this is a very good deal.. i have not placed my order but i could sure use the led light this weekend.. any one have an extra one for sale in L.A. southern california area please contact me @ [email protected]

  4. olahf

    Thanks I order one to the store today, I am awaiting the arrival of 38 euros including shipping is a great price,

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