18″ Diva Ring Light Photo Shoot BTS

Here are a few great still photo examples with the 18" Diva Ring Light in use from YouTube member Lorenzo Pickett. From what I understand the only lights used were two (DIY) 4ft. CFL banks on each side and the 18" Diva Ring Light placed center. Towards the end of the video he shows some great examples captured by this simple lighting setup. [Thanks Lorenzo]

The catch lights in the 18" Diva Ring Light are effective because of the large diameter and distance to the subject. This can be used for Video as well. Smaller ring lights will only be seen as a small dot. Here's another great video example of this Diva Ring Light in use shared through the comments from Eliu Cornielle.

Here's another very interesting BTS video showing how the Diva Ring light was used by Badmash Factory Productions [thanks seem]

The new version of the 18" Diva Ring lights are now dimmable as the earlier models had only a simple ON/OFF switch. The new Diva Ring Light kit comes with a 5,600K Lamp (daylight), 3,200K Lamp (tungsten balance), AC Power Cord, and a Padded Carry Case. You can find more image samples, information, and kit prices for the 18" Diva Ring Lightvia eBay (Click Here).

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28 thoughts on “18″ Diva Ring Light Photo Shoot BTS

  1. Michael Przewrocki

    It should be multicolor like the neske multicolor from poland. not ringlight-is double or more that price...

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @MonteiroBaptista - The R-300 is great for mobility, but that doesn't make it the best light for every job. Same goes for just about any equipment, including my camera bodies. Do I take the larger cameras for the best quality, or can I get away with a smaller camera and still get the quality I need.

    The R300 is a great light and you'll be able to use them on a variety of projects, but just know that eventually you'll end up with several different types of lights, some very portable and small, some very large.

  3. MonteiroBaptista

    Hey @emm,

    Curious if what you recommend for video use, like interviews and company based promo videos. Is the R-300 a good choice too because the benefits he has like mobility or do you say with your experience that a diva ring light provides much more difference?


  4. Alex

    Based on recommendations here I bought one of these a few weeks ago for two music videos that we've just done. I love this light!!! I got a cheaper version at only about $90 and its worked really, really well. Works for a ring light but also as a soft/hard side light like a broad softbox with a harder edge. We've used it with our Paul C Buff batteries and they last like several hours, so that gives us a totally portable light source. I need to find a good hard case for it for overseas work though. Nicest light I've used in a long time.

    Thanks for the post here for showing us what it can do. I'll post the videos when they are done.

  5. VillageBoi

    Got the transformer sorted out and gotta say, from the couple of test shots I did on a friend, I like it a lot so far.

  6. VillageBoi

    Hi guys, I bought one of these a few weeks ago and it will be delivered on Tue (customs held it for ages). I'm in the UK and need to buy a transformer to use it; I bought it then realised it's 110v only and not 110/220v. Can someone pls tell me the wattage on the unit. Thanks.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Fernando Garcia - Please read the description very carefully. That is only for the 'Replacement Bulb', the ring light unit is not included. That is only the BULB.

  8. Polkaroo

    Does anyone have some video/photo examples showing the difference between this diva light and the R-300 ring light?

  9. Stupid question. On ebay there are three prices for the diva ring light. Some around $40, one is $180, the others are $280. Which one is legit?

  10. Lainol

    Hi there, a little offtopic... I have a new project, I have to make a lot studio videos (training videos), with chroma key and black background, I only own ENG lighting style, 600led, 2x312 led, z96, 198led, etc.

    I'm willing to make an investment in studio lights. What equipment do you recommend me, guys? CFL + softbox? Anothers 600led?

    Any link to amazon or ebay would be appreciated.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  11. svem


    Actually, when I first ordered the Ring light a bulb came broken in the packaging. So I ordered extra bulbs because of that. I feel it only takes one unlucky incident and the bulb will break like if you are transporting in the car and something rolls on top of the exposed bulb side. I would prefer a hard case for that extra protection.

  12. Thanks for posting the video Emm,

    Svem, I actually find the case quite protecting, I bought an extra bulb with my light about almost one year ago but I haven't have to use it yet. I'm not very good protecting my gear sometimes and my stuff get pretty beat up but I never had a problem transporting this thing on the case that comes with it.

  13. svem

    One other thing: The round light bulbs are kind of fragile so you have to be careful when transporting it. Probably a good idea to buy extra bulbs if you order it.

    At the end of a shoot recently I went back to sit in a chair that I thought was behind me but it was actually my Diva Ring Light Bag with Ring light and bulb inside. Of course the bulb didn't survive. So I am on my backup bulb now.

    Wish they would provide a nice hard case to protect the bulb when transporting.

  14. I learned about The Diva Ring Light and decided to give it a try so I bought it. I have use it several times and it was a great investment.

    Below is a link to a video that I shot a while ago with ONLY
    a Diva ring light, a small led light and a PICO DOLLY.


  15. Not a great fan of ringlights in general, but this one, because of its diameter does not have the "ringlight look" too pronounced and by placing the background further away from the subject would not give away that it's a ringlight, if not for the catchlights. But what do these side fluorescents do other than have those very distinctive catchlights on the model?

  16. marklondon

    This is also a great example of why large photo studios are going out of business. You couldn't do this type of work at home 5 years ago 🙂

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @John - The R-300 is not as fragile, but it is a smaller diameter so it won't have the same catch light effect, as the Diva Ring light. The Diva is a CFL bulb so it's not readily available to be used with a battery when going very mobile. The R-300 can be used anywhere. Here's another example where the Diva Ring light was used: https://oliviatech.com/bts-of-faceme-makeup-tutorial-video

  18. MN

    I used this on a sports promo vid I did a few months back. The larger diameter of the ring gives a more distributed falloff and works well enough to get three football players into a single frame.

    Good tool, but you really need to DIY the power supply to get it mobile. Being tethered to AC was a real pain for what I was trying to accomplish.

    Also, it's a bit flimsy. I wouldn't expect it to survive too much field use.

  19. Steven

    Nice price for the product.

    How do you feel about this vs the new ring light you picked up Emm?

    I like that you can buy different temperature bulbs.

    Those photos turned out really well.

  20. Rob S.

    I have one of these ring lights. Light quality isn't bad but they do flicker at faster speeds and the goose neck mounting system is pretty terrible. The plastic knob will break if you're not careful. I've been trying to find a replacement knob but the thread is nonstandard.

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