Varavon MultiFinder UNI LCD View Finder on Canon 5D Mark III

As popular as the Canon 5D Mark III has been, there are only a handful of LCD ViewFinders made specifically for the camera. If you're an owner, this might be something you've looked into. So here's a look at Varavon's latest MultiFinder UNI / LCD View Finder. There are older versions of the Multifinder that are very specific to each camera, but the new UNI (i'm guessing for universal) has adjustments on the base and on the View Finder itself which allow it to work with a wider range of camera bodies. Below is an unboxing video that i've done and how it fits on the Canon 5D Mark III camera body.

The unique feature on the Varavon Multifinder products is it's ability to achieve low angle shots by use of specially aligned mirrors. The optics can be removed if you only need to use it as a simple sunshade, and the quick release system makes it easy to remove the entire view finder. The MultiFinder UNI runs for $295 is currently on sale for the holidays at $236 at their website (click here)

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5 thoughts on “Varavon MultiFinder UNI LCD View Finder on Canon 5D Mark III

  1. Hi. Anybody uses this viewfinder with this particular mic.
    I asked the guys from varavonĀ“s web page and they told me that it does probably hit the cover with that mic; and that (probably) couldnĀ“t open up completely to the low angle view???
    I am sure does not happen with other new models as that are smaller.
    Do you have this rode video mic, the old one, to be sure? Or anybody who has the varavon and that rode mic can check if the cover from the viewfinder does not hit the back of the microphone. Thanks a lot.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @chandler - Interesting product, but it lacks many features that the Zacuto & SmallHD DP4 offer. Yes the Zacuto is more expensive, but besides all of the other features within the HDMI monitor, you can use the viewfinder directly on your camera without the 3.5" monitor. The SmallHD is slightly cheaper at around $600 dollars, but will also offer more features.

    Still at the price of this other EVF, it's an interesting find.

  3. imgpro615

    ...this is an awesome looking product and looks like a serious evolution over prior models...
    the only thing this seems to have over the CarrySpeed V3 Swivi is the low mode...and for the price, I can get a swivi and an LCD SHIPPED...

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