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Here are a few great still photo examples with the 18" Diva Ring Light in use from YouTube member Lorenzo Pickett. From what I understand the only lights used were two (DIY) 4ft. CFL banks on each side and the 18" Diva Ring Light placed center. Towards the end of the video he shows some great examples captured by this simple lighting setup. [Thanks Lorenzo]

The catch lights in the 18" Diva Ring Light are effective because of the large diameter and distance to the subject. This can be used for Video as well. Smaller ring lights will only be seen as a small dot. Here's another great video example of this Diva Ring Light in use shared through the comments from Eliu Cornielle.

Here's another very interesting BTS video showing how the Diva Ring light was used by Badmash Factory Productions [thanks seem]

The new version of the 18" Diva Ring lights are now dimmable as the earlier models had only a simple ON/OFF switch. The new Diva Ring Light kit comes with a 5,600K Lamp (daylight), 3,200K Lamp (tungsten balance), AC Power Cord, and a Padded Carry Case. You can find more image samples, information, and kit prices for the 18" Diva Ring Lightvia eBay (Click Here).

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