XCAM Mini vs Skyler MiniCam Handheld Stabilizers

I purchased a Skyler MiniCam about a year ago. At the time I was looking for a very small stabilizer that was easy to travel with, offered a quick release system, fine tuning knobs, and can fly at least the Canon 5D Mark III camera. I personally felt the price was very good for the build quality, convenience, and features it had to offer, but at approx $500 dollars it wasn't something everyone wanted to dive into. Now we are seeing more affordable versions available, and here is one overview of the XCAM 2013 FL vs the original Skyler MiniCam Mini hand held stabilizer.

The XCAM no doubt shares the same design as the original Skyler MiniCam, and the 2013 XCAM version now offers a folding leg design. For the XCAM, this means you don't have to remove the legs when it's time to pack up. The XCAM is also half the price of the Skyler MiniCam for those who were looking to get into a similar stabilizer.

XCAM Tripod Legs Skyler MiniCam Leg

The tripod style legs from these two stabilizers are not just for design aesthetics, it also allows you to confidently set your stabilizer down without fear of tipping over. Not something you can do with a Merlin, and you may not be as confident doing this with a Glidecam. The spread legs also give clearance for a center mount, used to thread a monopod underneath when you want to be stationary and not have to carry the weight.

Both are excellent stabilizers, with only minor differences shape of counterweights) between the two. (i.e. folding legs, colored qr plate). The new XCam 2013 Mini video Stabilizer is offered at just $238 via eBay (click here)

XCam Mini StabilizerXcam stabilizer
find-price-button XCam 2013 FL Mini Hand Held Video Stabilizer

The original Skyler Minicam stabilizer is available for $450 dollars (found here on eBay)

Skyler Minicam
find-price-button Skyler MiniCam Video Camera Stabilizer


56 thoughts on “XCAM Mini vs Skyler MiniCam Handheld Stabilizers

  1. Nelson

    Saying that I do I want to try the Xcam since the folding leg is really convenient as I tend to carry steady cam in my camera bag rather than dedicated bag, and every time when I use it I have to screw the leg is really tiring.

  2. Nelson

    I got the Skyler minicam for my GH3 + 12-35 and is has been great, at least when I want to fly each time it is much less fiddly than the Hague steadicam, but still I have to fine tune everytime for some reason

    Here is my setting for GH3 + 12-35 on Skyler
    screw location E4 on plate, with 2 small weight on legs at length of 7~8

  3. Andreas

    Thx alot. With all weight I think it's too bottom heavy, even if I insert the pole all the way in. One weight less it's still shaking left/right :(

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Andreas - I have balanced it with many different lenses. I forget the exact setup, but i'll try to go through the steps soon and publish that info.

  5. Andreas

    Emm did you balance a 5D3 with the 11-16 @16mm with the X-cam? I' desperately trying to find the right setting. If yes may I ask what hole on the plate you're using? And how much weight? All weight?

  6. Sam

    Who ever has received it can they put a video on the item. Even if you are having issues it would help a lot.

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