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I was curious to test out the new Aputure LED Video light panels, and so I reached out to Aputure to send over this package of 3 different portable LED Video lights. Within these three boxes sit the 528w, 528c, and 528s LED Light Panels waiting to be unboxed.

Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel.png 1
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The three different lights share mostly the same features which include a Digital brightness display, Double power supply system (battery or AC), the ability to charge batteries from the unit while being powered by AC, a Battery power indicator, and all come with a nice Carrying case. I'll try to get to them later this week, but for now here's what the different models represent.

The AL-528W is an all daylight color temp rated at 5500K and throws a 75 degree beam angle.
The AL-528S is an all daylight color temp rated at 5500K but throws only at a 25 degree beam angle (spotlight type effect).
The AL-528C throws at the 75 degree beam angle, but can adjust color between 3200K-5500K using two sets of different color LED bulbs.

I'm just waiting for a color temp meter (should be here later this week) to measure LUX for a better comparison of these new panels.

Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel 5Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel 4Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel
find-price-button Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panels

29 thoughts on “Aputure LED Video Light Panels 528w 528s 528c

  1. Fred Bo

    They have a poor review on their own blog that is partial...
    It's cheap. Even if no review comes out i'll buy one for back light purposes. Same price as a arri fresnel chinese clone. It's not a waist of money.

  2. Fred Bo

    I can't wait to see a full review of this led video light as it seems very promising in term of €€€
    Every piece of Led fixture i use on my films have green tint even if they're rated 6000k.
    I always use minus green gels to correct led lights but it is kind of boring...
    Thanks for the future reviewer 🙂

  3. Kelly


    Regarding the YN 300 light and power going off: I just got mine and I had the exact same issue.

    Full power for about 2 minutes and battery indicator starts flashing, makes a popping sound and turns off. When on reduced power up to 30% or so, it stays on. But full power it goes off right away. This is with a new battery hardly used and fully charged.

    Then I put a larger battery from a different maker and it ran for 2 hours and 40 minutes with no problem. Stayed on at full power all the time. It is clear that the lights have some issue and extremely sensitive to voltage variances.

  4. I find that LED's in general tend to go either green or magenta. The exception is the Litepanels lights, which of course are more expensive than the knockoffs. I would love to see someone do an extensive test video with a color meter and a variety of models of LED's, to see how green and magenta they go.

  5. Hey Emm, while we're awaiting your review, can you give a hint as to where you got the bi-color light from? I can say that I've already had a negative experience buying one of these from "bestbuystreets" off ebay where I didn't receive the light but rather a random usb cable. So I'd rather not throw any more money away and order from the right guys.


  6. Jonas


    i just bought one for trying it out and it has the same problem you experience.

    Im using the Socanland 50 Daylight which are incredible but are much heavier. Got great light quality. Of course different price.

  7. Scott

    What color temp meter are you getting? I have been thinking about buying one...


  8. OldCorpse

    @Alex - on all of mine you can see the circuit board. I didn't notice any color shift, but I did notice slightly lower max brightness on one. In general, I have noticed particularly with Chinese lights, a great deal of variability from one unit to another. It doesn't help that they also modify the design without changing model numbers or giving any indication of such changes in photos on ebay or elsewhere. If I come across a product I like, I'm always nervous ordering another one, because I simply don't know what I'll get, even from the same seller (and the seller usually knows nothing about the product since they're mostly re-sellers).

    I'll await Emms report on the Aputure lights, but I'm done with LED lights for awhile. I have quite a bunch, including the F&V K4000 and R300, and I feel that unless there's some big break-through in LED technology - or price - it's best to wait... things are changing quickly in LED land.

  9. VillageBoi

    @ Alex. Someone suggested that on YT. I don't have generic batteries but thought if that is the case then A)They should at least work with AC power and B) It is simply a pretty bsd design.
    Anyway I had already contacted the seller and will be returning them. Even Yongnuo has not responded to emails from the seller or me. I think they are 'faulty'.

  10. Alex


    Did you find the color of the newest YN300 is different? I got another one and it has more magenta. I guess they changed the design since the earlier models had some light spill from the back and you could actually see the circuit board. Is it just my case?

    @VillageBoi. I have 3 YN300 and have never experienced your problem. I power them up with generic batteries. Maybe they don't work with originals???


  11. VillageBoi

    @OldCorpse, thanks a lot for your information. I bought both from the same seller and they were from different batches as they had the different inner packagings you mentioned. Glad to hear none of yours have the 'full power' issue I have. Both of mine do the two-notch thing too.

    I'm sending both back and will be getting somethimg else as the main thing I wanted them for is a project where I'll be throwing them on a white background - they are very small, easy to carry around and I really like them - shame mine don't work'.

  12. OldCorpse

    @VillageBoi, I have 7 units of the YN-300 lights. I bought them from 4 different sellers, one of whom I bought 4 units from, over a period of a couple of months. None of them exhibit the problem you showed. One unit has a minor problem in that the stepper knob that turns the brightness up and down needs a lot of spins before it changes the brightness - all the others need two "notches" of a slight turn before it moves one green light indicator up or down.

    I know they have different batches, because on my last order, 2 of the 4 units came in slightly different packaging inside the box (the box itself is identical) - all others have fiddly bubble/styro plastic side pieces holding the light in, while the last two had a big plastic moulding in which the light sat and all the other things were underneath.

    Anyhow, I've been using these quite a bit and like them a lot, though of course, they are still LED lights, and the shadow quality is really horrible, but that's LEDs for you.

    I'm very excited to see Emm test the Aputure lights.

  13. Travis W

    Interested how this holds up to the Fancier 500 ones that have been on Amazon for a while. From Chris' example it looks like these are more 'spotted' and aren't as even lighting. However the upside to these are the batteries. Would love to see a battery life test too when on full power.

  14. Chris

    Oh, I forgot to mention / include this in the video.
    My 528W LED arrived with 1 broken LED. So it should probably be slightly brighter.
    And also an interesting note: The "inner square" of LEDs is a different color. It was easier to show when taking the shot out of focus (shown here in this picture):

  15. Chris

    I bought one of them and the size really is so small! I did a really quick test with a Fancier 500 LED (first gen without dimmer) and a Z96. I'm awkward, so I didn't include any audio. But I threw myself in for a "face" shot since I know everyone wants that! Let me know if you wanted me to test something else. I'm sure Emm's test will be a lot better than mine. 🙂

  16. Aaron

    also wanted to know about these units. I'm wondering how they stack up against those f&v ring lights you posted about a while back. the small size has me wondering how broad the light can get...

  17. Can you let us know how these compare to the Switronix TorchLED Bolt? I have several of the Bolts and am very happy with them, but I'm always adding lights to my kit. Based on your feedback, I may buy a few of these too.

    Thank you,

    - Donald

  18. VillageBoi

    I'm also interested in seeing how good these are as I'll be returning the YN-300 lights I bought as they have a problem. Anyone else experienced this -

  19. Archie, it might be a while before I decide to pull the trigger on those 72s There are at least two people on Youtube talking about them, one is a Russian guy called Alex Beseding, whose post Emm reposted here and I saw a second one today, which is rather inconclusive about the amount of light they give off in comparison to the CN-600 for example.

  20. OldCorpse

    I wonder how these compare to the F&V K4000(S) and also the YN-300 (II). I have a feeling the LED lights are changing so fast, it may not be the best idea to buy too expensive stuff that will be obsolete in 6 months.

    @N.K.Osborne - I agree with you 100%, we need LED lights that give out hard light. At this point, for soft light, I think the LEDs are starting to edge out fluorescents, but there is nothing for hard lights. Wouldn't it be great if we could get LEDs in pars and fresnels as powerful as 1.2K HMI's... that would be a dream.

    Maybe one day.

  21. Archie

    @Emm in my last comment on your last post about these light I asked (and answered) the different models. Will the 528C version have half the light then the other two?
    I just got delivered 1 528W and can't make up my mind what I think about those.

    @apostolos Can you let me know more about the 72 high power LEDs

  22. Eagerly awaiting your impression. I'm considering those as well as those 72 high power LED lights from India, Alex Besedin reviewed. What's that place where you can buy different plastic panels to size? Do you recommend putting a milky white "filter" in front of LEDs to soften them up?

  23. jesus

    video review? been wanting to get these but not sure about the "ipad size" if that is too small.

  24. Looking forward to it. I'm still using my 600 wireless LED light panels. I just used them on two films shot on the Arri-S with 50 ASA film stock and they still produced enough light.

    I still must say, we need hard led lights. You can turn a hard light soft, but not the other way around. Hexolux are the most interesting lights in my opinion.

    I also still think we need to speak in terms of equivalents. When you say inkie, betweenie, tweenie, 1k baby, etc. we already know what type of intensity we're going to get. With LEDs we have no idea until we get it and test it out.

    Hopefully things will change in this regard.

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