You won’t find many of my DIY’s using PVC, but here’s one I think is worth mentioning. Submitted by Hal Robertson, I think it’s a project just about anyone can tackle in an afternoon and an ice cream budget. If you’re like me, they have the exact same parts available in at least Copper Piping, which I would personally use over PVC. Of course metal pipes are a bit more expensive and requires a little bit more tooling to work with.

This simple design has a few nice features. The double seperated rails keep the rig from rolling off the shoulder, and the angled brackets to the rear provide a shoulder rest and a counterweight mount. There’s a crap load of photos, and If you want to check out the complete set of parts, and build instructions, head on over to Hal’s blogspot: http://compactvideo.blogspot.com. Hey Hal, why isn’t Cheesycam.com on your BlogRoll? LOL. [Thanks Hal]

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