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Since the inception of the SpiderTrax dolly, there have been quite a few iterations from a number of different companies. Those units on the market were either still pretty large, or built with poor quality. This time around, I wanted to focus on flexibility and portability. I tried to achieve the highest quality possible, in the smallest footprint, and still make it the most affordable for the community. So today i'm showing you guys the Pico Flex Table dolly. It's still based on the 4 wheel two axle design which I showed a few years ago on the SpiderTrax. The reason for this is because it is much more time consuming to properly align any three wheel design (in case you were considering one). There's no need to look into any other table dolly system as this one still performs as good, and traveling with it is even easier. You'll also be quite happy with the initial price.

Although you can spin your dolly around like a madman, when used slowly they can create some interesting footage. Here's a two year old video I shot when experimenting with my first dolly. Just slight rotation moving slowly on a table.

PicoPico (1 of 19) PicoPico (4 of 19)

It's as small as you can go, while still being able to mount a regular sized Fluid head and support a normal sized Canon DSLR. The main purpose of this product is to just have fun and get creative shots. There are three threaded mounting points to attach friction arms which allow for the lowest possible angle in a camera, as well as adding a number of accessories. Of course if you want to sling a DSLR upside down (as shown in the video), you can counterbalance the weight with another accessory (notice the LED light in the video used with the upside down DSLR).

Pico Dolly w/ Zacuto EVF as Monitor. Also 240 LED Video Light.

pico-dolly-loadedPicoPico (11 of 19)

The Pico is complete fun for iPhones, GoPro cameras, Small Point and shoot HD Video cameras (like my HX9V), and Micro Four Thirds. Perfect for that new Sony NEX-5n, NEX-7, or even Olympus EP-3. You can purchase the Pico alone, which is a great price. There's a bundle with a friction arm which brings the price up slightly. The Pico Flex Skater Table Dolly and Accessories are available now. (click here for Pico Flex Skater Dolly)

PicoPico (15 of 19)
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150 thoughts on “NEW – Pico Flex Table Dolly

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @chrsanch - Use a fluid head or large ball head for your camera to a more solid connection. Yes the wood should be smooth that you run on.

  2. chrsanch

    I just received mine and tried it and so far I'm a bit dissappointed with the result. I was trying to emulate the same effect from a slider by straighening the wheels and directing the dslr to a 90 degrees angle. The outcome was a bit shaky, I'm not sure if there's a problem with the bearings or the wheels uneven surface. I used a soft surfaced wood. Or probably I'm using this for a different purpose? Can this pico dolly emulate the smooth panning from an slider?
    By the way I used 50mm on t3i.

  3. Kevin

    Interested in purchasing the dolly, do you have a distributor in Australia? or do you ship to Australia?

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  5. norbolig

    The Pico Dolly looks very interesting, but you need to export it. I had to pay USD 10.99 plus Shipping for the Pico Shark Clip (that you sell for USD 6.95).

    What is the productname of the clear plastic box shown to the right of the iPhone setup?

    I am looking for a waterproof box to take time lapse pictures with my Samsung Galaxy S2 outdoor. Will this box do?

  6. Andi

    Got one-very cool and perfect... waiting for stepper motor drive!!!!

    kind regards from munich-germany

  7. Vicomte

    Amazing ! Please make the shipping for Canada available. You'll get more orders than you can handle, I promise!!

  8. Andy

    Is there a fluid head you recommend to put on this. With my 7D on the friction arm I seem to get some shake and I think that a fluid head would help that. I just don't know which one to use.

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  11. Emm

    Post author

    @CoolRoomEnt - Thanks! Gear is one simple thing that can improve the quality of footage you capture, but you still need the vision (or work with people who have the vision). Philip Bloom has great vision and creates excellent timeless stories.

  12. Just ordered mine and I can't wait! Emm, if you only knew how many products I've purchased (and knew NOT to...) over the last two years because of vids and reviews on CheesyCam you would/should have a signanature series! Philip Bloom is cool and all but that cat is NOT a DIY nor guerilla-indie filmmaker. You are MY Philip Bloom, bruh! Thank you.

  13. Sorin Vestemean

    I am from Romania. Is there any way to buy this from amazon ? You ship in Romania ? please answer i want this so bad

  14. James


    What type of arm do you recommend? I am using the sony nex-vg10

    or with the size of the camera, really should I only buy the FT6691AH Pro camera tripod action fluid drag ball head?


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  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob Benito - I just emailed you, hopefully you get it. Check my response. Have you checked the spam folder in your gmail account? I notice Gmail could flag things as spam, and it will appear you never get a response.

  17. Rob Benito

    @Emm - Love the site...been a fan since before you blew up...I'm really starting to lose my patience w/ I'm going on 2 months now since I've placed my order and still no dolly or even a tracking number. I've given them the paypal details. They have not responded to my recent email regarding status...

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  19. Emm

    Post author

    @James - A strong ball head or fluid head would be good to use on that larger camera. I'm going to post about a small ball head later today.

  20. James

    @ Emm - For the Sony nex-vg10 camcorder do you recommend to by the Pico Flex Dolly Kit? what else do you recommend that I purchase for this kit? (like arms for lights or anything else)

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @James - Yes it can, but I suggest using a ball head for fluid head to support the camera.

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob Benito - I'll contact them, but make sure you have your Paypal information ready with transaction number and date.

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  24. Emm

    Post author

    @Jordan - We may have some distributors listing this Thursday or Friday on eBay for International orders. PNC was unable to take on the effort, so several units were sent to retailers. I'll post more information as soon as that is confirmed.

  25. Jordan

    Man, these things just look so awesome! I really, really want one, but I live in Australia! :( Any idea if you will be able to do orders outside the US soon?

  26. Vince

    Ok so we have made it to Amazon. But at this stage it looks like it won't ship international. I'm in Australia and it says NO! Hope it changes in the near future. Don't need one, same as my steadicam but hell i want to play.

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