DIY SpiderTrax Rotating Video Skater Dolly

The DIY SpiderTrax Rotating Video Dolly project was introduced to show others how they can make their own DIY skater mini dolly, to get video footage similar to the P+S technik Skater Mini. The team over at has made major improvements to the design that is being manufacturing. There will be a limited first run of units, so if you have any interest in the DIY SpiderTrax Video Dolly kit, check out the website and drop your name @ and complete the form.

SpiderTrax Tip::
Most people will bring out a piece of wood if you want a taller shot. Keyboard stands work great for this. Something like this

Also if you're working on carpet, tiles, or uneven flooring you can use those plastic sheets that you put on the floor for Office chairs to roll on. Like this:

8 thoughts on “DIY SpiderTrax Rotating Video Skater Dolly

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  2. Luke

    How are you getting your stuff on the computer so fast? EyeFi?

    I'd love something like that, especially for checking video, are the cards fast enough for 1080p?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - Excellent job! Where you guys from? Maybe I can help eat everything clean up after your shoots.

  4. This thing is fabulous! I made a DIY version but after already rebuilding it and thinking I may want to rebuild again to make it perfect I'm thinking I should have just bought it 🙂

    Just did a shoot with it yesterday for a BBQ restaurant. We are going to create some video loops of the food rotating and looking awesome on their big screens. Thanks for bringing us the SpiderTrax concept!

    Here's some footage from the shoot.

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