I’m not going to show off any fancy video making skills. This review is mainly to compare the IndieHardware Stabilizer vs. The Hague MMC. This is my first attempt at balancing the IndieHardware Video Cameara Stabilizer. I was able to balance this thing fairly quickly. I might not have it dead on, but it is possible to balance a Canon 7D + Sigma 20mm or even a Canon 5D Mark II + Sigma 20mm. I tried this same setup over on a Hague MMC, it just couldn’t handle it.

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The limited range of movement in the handle is going to prevent you from performing hardcore running shots, but for very smooth patient walking movements, the handle works. The Hague also suffers from a limited range of movement (they have almost the same design), but the Hague MMC has a longer handle. Having a longer handle ‘appears’ to have more range. It’s like when kids cut the stick shift in their car, same stick shift, but feels like you’re throwing it shorter when changing gears.

There seems to be 2 different versions of this stabilizer, so make sure you contact the seller to be clear about what camera you are trying to balance. The one I have has support for 2 weight stacks. There is another one that has only 1 weight stack similar to the Hague. I guess this is for really light camcorders. More weights means you can support a heavier camera. Can you just add more weights to a Hague? Not really, the IndieHardware gimbal is larger than the Hague which means it can balance and control that weight much better too.

This isn’t a Steadicam Merlin or Glidecam HD, but the price isn’t $400-$800 dollars either. If you’re work consists of only a small percent of ‘Steadicam’ type shots, and you’re not ready to invest into something expensive, you might want to try this one over the Hague.

Excuses, Excuses. Sorry everyone, I’m not happy with this review, and i’ll do a better job next time. I end up trying to do this piece by piece, in the middle of the night, or out in a parking lot. Quality is poor, but I’ve been getting alot of comments about this particular stabilizer so I wanted to get something out to those who have been waiting.

If you care to know what my 5 hour per day / 160 mile round trip driving adventures are like, check out this old video below.

You might have seen a few of my other videos talking about how i’m always fighting traffic. I have about an 80 mile commute (one way) I drive pretty much everyday from Brentwood to Redwood City. This is some random photos I took coming home one day. Excuse the dirty windshield, but maybe you’ll get an idea of the drive I take to get home.

Redwood City to Brentwood
10 Different Freeways (& a couple of Back streets)
Approx. 2.5 hour drive
Approx 80 miles
About 2300 photos (smallest JPEG)
Edited in Sony Vegas
Shot on Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 50mm F/1.8

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