Zoom H4n (Factory Refurbished) Portable Recorder

The Zoom H4n Portable Audio Recorder is a trusty little tool that almost every DSLR team has on hand. If you're looking for the cheapest deal, right now you can pocket a good 20% off on the factory refurbs + Free Shipping. Hard to find normally but a popular store front on eBay (which I purchased a few Zoom H1's from) has a few kits available which includes all the accessories from Wind Screen, mic stand, AC adapter, USB cable, 1GB Card, and Protective travel case. Cheaper than even used Zoom H4n's on eBay..

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14 thoughts on “Zoom H4n (Factory Refurbished) Portable Recorder

  1. Zach

    A friend of mine recommended buying a Zoom H4N to hook up with my rode videomic for a short film I'm going to be making. My question is, can I run an extension cord from my rode mic to the h4n and record directly onto it without hooking it up to my camera? and then upload the audio to my computer after and sync manually? I'm very new to messing around with audio. I just want to mount my rode on a boom pole and be able to record sound seperatly since I will be using multiple cameras. Thanks in advance.

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  3. jm

    I just bought one- works like a charm, also grabbed 2 shoe adapters from ebay for $5. Holding back with all my power from telling my colleague about this deal seeing as how he bought the zoom at full, plus the shoe adapter for 40... yikes
    Emm you're the man!

  4. jose

    @emm thanks for the heads up again. it came with 1.6 firmware and I already upgraded it. I pulled out a 15 year old Sennheiser ME66 and started playing with it and being amazed by the quality and stereo space of the on-board mics.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @jose - Yeah it's a great deal and a great recorder for that price. Also, check to see if it has the latest firmware. You can download it from Zoom if it doesn't.

  6. jose

    hey emm thank you. I picked one up as I was already in the market for one. the on board mics are amazing and I can use my old XLR stuff again!!! unit looks brand new btw!!!

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @NayTron - The lav you have is mono. You'd have to run a mono to stereo splitter from the headphone out.

  8. Good post! I actually have a H1 and had a question about it.

    I hook up my Shure lavalier receiver to my H1, but I only hear audio on my left headset. Is there a way to hear it in both L and R? Thanks in advance!

  9. Thanks for this man give me more of a reason to pick one up really hard to get a h1 when the h4n is at this price

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