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The Panasonic GH2 seems to have an almost cult-like following. Die hards from previous GH1 models are lovin' the upgrades the GH2 brings to the table. The great thing about these Micro 4/3 cameras aren't just the ability to adapt any practically any lens, but also the quality of Video they provide. Unfortunately it's still a tough camera to find, and always out of stock. This slow availability of cameras is not helping them gain more market share, which I see was a problem with the Nikon D7000. Still, if you have to have the Panasonic GH2 (as of yesterday), there's a few listings at the big auction site, with a very minimal markup.

find-price-button Panasonic Lumix GH2 Body

Once you've picked up your GH2, you'll want to get a wide angle lens with good aperture. Best bang for the buck is Panasonic's 20mm Pancake lens F/1.7. Great lens, fast, and sharp. I just purchased one (I know i'm late) and it's been a top performer for photography. I'm still not a fan of Panasonic's focusing for video, but the quality of this wide lens is exceptional.

Lumix 20mm F/1.7
find-price-button Lumix 20mm f/1.7 Aspheric G- Series Lens

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @JC - Best you can try is to close down the aperture. The more you close it down the more things remain in focus, but this will cut out light.

  2. @emm Do you know how to put the gh2 with lumix 20mm pancake on infinity focus so nothing is blurred but yet still sharp ? Im having a hard time doing that ? Any tutorials anywhere about focusing or anything with a 20mm lumix lens I can't seem to find any And I feel bad asking so many questions on here haha

  3. @drew yeah I figured it out thank you as well for the help wish I saw your post before I spent hours figuring it out . Do you know how to put the gh2 with lumix 20mm pancake on infinity focus so nothing is blurred ?

  4. Drew

    I believe for your wedding photography all you need to do is go into the menu and turn off the setting for continual automatic focus. This way you can use autofocus by pressing down the shutter halfway, but once the focus is selected it will not change (meaning go in and out searchign for proper focus). This is almost like manual focusing, but just touch, shutter halfway, and stick with that focus. So if the person changes depth in the video you will have to touch again to refocus, but much better than it continually focusing and slightly easier than manual focus.

  5. Emm

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    @JC - If you practice enough, you'll get used to Manual focus. I would stick with Manual Focus, or use the touch screen to tell the camera where to keep focus.

  6. @emm I have a gh2 with 20mm I am having a horrible time with focus on video it goes in and out on af and afs anytime someone slightly moves how can i fix this . For doing a wedding I can't have this problem . Would you recommended I do manual focus for this as i strongly prefer auto for the time it saves just it goes in and out once it is focused is there a way to prevent it from going out even if someone moves ? Is there sometime of firmware download that will fix this ? I have a hacked gh2 but can lenses have downloadable firmware to ?

  7. ibro

    em if you could do a video to show how to balance the GH2 on the FLYCAM NANO. its driving me crazy that i cant fully balance the camera, i dont know if its because of the weight or what? please help

    if it helps i have the stock 14-45mm on it.

  8. Mark

    Sorry to be so nitpicky, but when shooting 1080, ETC mode has a 2.6 crop factor over "normal" (non-ETC) mode. So a 12.5mm lens would be ~32.5mm. To get something similar to the 20mm FoV in normal mode, you'd need ~8mm lens in ETC.

    Also, while standard 4/3 sensors have a 2X crop relative to a 35mm photography film frame, they have ~1.2 crop relative to a 35mm "Academy" motion picture film frame when cropped to 16:9. Further complicating matters is the GH1 and GH2's multi-aspect sensor which uses a wider area of the sensor (whereas most other cameras just crop the top and bottom of the standard sensor) and has a 1.17 crop (again, relative to a 35mm "Academy" motion picture film frame when cropped to 16:9).

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @mo kim - The GH2 would be the better because of the Video bitrate and it's easier to get lenses adapted.

  10. Luke

    Online sources are pretty dry right now, but I know of a local place that has 3-4 GH2's in stock.

    The 20mm isn't really a wide-angle on the GH2, as its a 40mm equivalent. The 14mm (which the reviews show to be good, but not as good as the 20mm) would yield a 28mm equiv.

    I LOVE my GH2.

  11. mo kim

    between the the GH2 and Sony NEX-5, which is better, spec wise the nex5 seems to be the winner but why is everyone going for the GH2?

  12. I just purchase GH2 to supplement my T2i. Panasonic 20mm lens seems to be nice, but being true to a cheesycam cheapskate user, I just picked up a 12.5mm CCTV C-mount lens for $39 + $10 eBay adapter.
    At 1:1 crop mode, it gets rid of vignetting, and it's equivalent to the 20mm pancake lens.
    The footage is a softer than Panny lens, but that's just fine with me since it tends to make the footage a bit more film like. Here's what I shot over the weekend.

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