Zoom H1 vs. Tascam DR-08 (update)


I've been using the Zoom H1 and Tascam DR-08 as 'body packs' instead of using a Wireless setup. I'm still using the old Audio Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Microphone setup, and I have to say that i'm quite happy with the workflow. You just can't beat this combination for the price and speed in getting things setup. For more demanding audio, of course I have a different set of tools. In my book, I found a clear winner as far as the type of work this combination is being used for, and it's the Zoom H1. Why? Leaving it at the highest bitrate for basic short audio capture provides you under 1 hour on a 2GB microSD card and they both work great. You can drop down the audio bitrate and grab yourself more time, but what if you really need even more? Well I just shot a few events in which this setup was used, so to be safe we needed to go with the 8GB MicroSD Cards that I showed in this post: http://cheesycam.com/canon-60d-shipping-actually-shipped/. BTW, they've been working flawlessy and such a good price for those microSD Cards.

Unfortunately, possibly a Tascam Firmware issue, the Tascam DR-08 could not see the 8GB microSD card. Only the Zoom H1 was able to see and utilize the full 8GB providing 4 times more recording time. You never know how long it's going to take for an event to get started, or how long until it's over, so I just felt safer with the unit that can house the larger microSD card. Here's another tip that's a bit related. Regular batteries don't stand a fair chance with today's electronics. I hear many people complaining about how fast a battery grip with AA's, LED lights, or an Audio Recorder can run down batteries very quickly. I push the Eneloop batteries not only because they are rechargeable, but because they DO hold 4 times more capacity than a regular battery. If you want to use your Zoom H1 as a body pack, give it a fighting chance and put some quality batteries in.

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16 thoughts on “Zoom H1 vs. Tascam DR-08 (update)

  1. Adam

    I dont think that the Zoom H1 has better audio quality - after I did read many reviews with "audio issues" and after I bought the H1 I myself did tests. I was able to compare the audio files to a tascam dr-08. The Tascam is better in many ways.

    So, I sold my Zoom H1 and got the DR-08. After a year later I got the DR-05 which beats both (H1 and DR-08) in any aspects. Zoom was a pioneer in mobile HDSLR recording but tascam is better built and sounds better.

  2. Hi bought both product, the tascam because is more easy to put in a pocket, and the tascam as backup. I have to say that the tascam is built better, but is beated from the quality of the recording of the zoom using the builtin mics. The zoom h1 is awesome!

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @TK - Turn off the Zoom H1. Plug in the USB and then to the computer. It should automatically detect and power it on to USB mode.

  4. TK

    How do I get the Zoom H1 to be recognized by the desktop? I have purchased the official accessory pack and cable yet the computer can't find it. I pitched out the Tascam as it had difficult & limited file mgt features. Any help out there? thanx. TK

  5. Mister B

    are you just placing the mics in the interviewee's pockets w/ out a case. If you are using a case, which one?

  6. Neil

    Hi Emm, have you ever tried or considered trying the Tekkeon power system? Lately I've seen a few folks mention it. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on this system.

  7. Jeremy

    That's odd the DR-08 won't see an 8gb card. The DR-07 has no problem, though it still only records in 2gb chunks.

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