Zoom H1 Shows ‘In Stock’ – Order Now?

click image to buy Zoom H1 $99 + Free Shipping

The webpage at bhphotovideo.com earlier this morning did not show the Zoom H1 item available to 'add to cart', but after a message from a reader, tides have turned. Well BHPHOTOVIDEO.com is East Coast of me, so I assume they are just a few hours short of the 'official release' date of the Zoom H1, and decided to just go live with orders. Hopefully this is no joke, and it will go out when promised which I should receive it by next Tuesday. Yes, i've already pre-ordered a few from the other vendor, but you can't have enough Zoom H1's. I'm just excited to start getting these things in. Besides, I'm sure i'll find a few friends I can sell the extras to, who are too lazy to place their own order before they get sold out. So there you go folks, BHPHOTOVIDEO.com is live at this link to order the Zoom H1 for $99 + FREE Shipping. (yes free shipping).

12 thoughts on “Zoom H1 Shows ‘In Stock’ – Order Now?

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  2. Canceled my Amazon order for this last night and went to B&H and ordered one. Just got an email from B&H saying it has shipped!!! 🙂

  3. Zoom H1 In Stock B&H Photo is for real UPS just picked it up from their warehouse for delivery and scanned at NEW YORK, NY, US 08/20/2010 10:44 A.M. YES!!!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    My goal is to find good LAV's for them and use these as body packs instead of the Wireless stuff.

  5. Can't wait! I've been using the Zoom H4n and its a great piece of gear but a bit bulky. Placed my order from BH for an H1 a bit ago, should be here Tuesday 🙂

  6. Darryl

    Totally just pulled the trigger on this, we'll see what happens. The estimate said it'll be here (Oregon) on Thursday and I upgraded the shipping to UPS 3 day for 15 cents.

  7. I am chuckling at your article oh well if it doesn't come in blame me for spreading it as your reader and ordering it also from B&H! Hey I was networking with the guys from Trew Audio and they told me the reason Omnimedia hasn't released it yet in Canada is because some of the first test units they received had problems bah! Yes we are all in the same boat and the paranoia is spreading lol! Can't wait to play with this new toy.

  8. elbee

    Thanks! Ordered two from BH. I paid $40 shipping to Canada and UPS should get it here in 1-2 days, that is if BH's indication of "In Stock" actually is true. Let's hope it is; I've been waiting for this little fella for months!

  9. Alam

    Haha you're in love with this thing.

    Out of curiosity, are you primarily going to use the attached stereo mics or the mic input/boom mic?

    If mic input, any worries of the higher impedance over XLR?

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