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I was excited to pre-order the new Samson Zoom H1 portable Audio Recorder and posted this article. I received an email from the Pre-Order seller that the release date was pushed back to the August 20th. I completely trust the seller, but just to make sure everything was on the up and up I contacted Samson for an official comment.

August 20th is the new release date. There was a production delay at the
factory, and it had to be held back. We are deeply sorry about this.

Thanks Samson for the fast response, and although i'm sad to say it won't be in my hands soon enough, i'm sure the delay is for good reason. Samson makes awesome products such as the Zoom H4n and unlike other companies claiming a release date Red Cameras or product availablity, they've always been on top of things. I expect these things to move fairly quickly, so if you're still interested in getting the pre-order, check out this article.

Tweet this article, pass the word, spread the news. Zoom H1 has been delayed expected August 20th.

13 thoughts on “Zoom H1 Delay Product Release Date

  1. Just ordered my Zoom H1 from B&H Photo it is on its way expect my review on YouTube Yes! Oh it was like so nice to see that In Stock notification as my order went through and on to their warehouse. Oh UPS may God Speed!

  2. Emm yes I got the same from Anthony DiMaggio SamsonTech Product Specialist but when networking with sites like American Musical Jay their tech guy is suggesting not to look for this Zoom H1 in August even though they are allowing for pre-orders for this August 20 date on their site. My take on it is that if August 20 is the date for in store availability than where is the PR? Like only 10 days to go! Like even Amazon is not getting it in August. Seems to me if this date is a sure thing they would be yelling it out till their throats fell off lol! Yes I want the Zoom H1 like as in yesterday. This waiting at least is making for some online fun via this site. Oh the wait continues. 🙂

  3. Emm

    Post author

    I emailed Samson directly, two different reps emailed back with August 20th. I followed up again and they still say Aug 20th. If you are talking about a retailer, this might mean they are getting a late batch?

  4. Well Amazon is showing a release date of Sept 8 for the Zoom H1 and anyone can post as some Zoom Guy but my direct sources are talking delay beyond August 20. Time will tell.

  5. August 20 remains the in-store date. We do not anticipate any delays... Thanks for your patience. And I can tell you, it is definitely worth the wait!

  6. My first order update from Amazon stated a delivery date of August 24th. Just received a second update today giving me a delivery date of September 10th. Ugh.

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