Skydive.TV – Thanks!


Just wanted to thank Joe Jennings over at for supporting this blog! I was just hanging out at his website, and he's got quite the resume.

Cinematographer, Aerial Stunt Coordinator / Consultant - SAG
Skydiving Cinematography in 35mm, IMAX, HD
US Parachute Association Master License and Professional Exhibition Rating.

The domain name says it all showing off some awesome high flying skydiving skill. Check out all the work Joe has done on his website, very cool stuff. Thanks Joe!

2 thoughts on “Skydive.TV – Thanks!

  1. Another sample of skydiving video using a DSLR, using a steadicam on the ground and helmetcam in the sky. Most skydiving videographers use Sony camcorders. Only a few use DSLR because it's not as foolproof, but the results are definitely worth it.

  2. I, too, am a skydiving videographer/photographer, as a weekend hobby. If you, the webmaster, would like to try skydiving (tandem), I would give you a courtesy DSLR video using my Canon T2i.
    Samples at,
    I live in Livermore, practically your neighborhood, and we could jump at Lodi, CA.
    It would be my way of giving back, after all the great tips I picked up from your blog. 🙂

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