Zolinger ZP1500 Ultralight Portable Jib Crane Review

YouTube member 1sicknickel shares a review and some very good video samples from the Zolinger ZP1500 Ultralight portable video Jib / Crane [Thanks Peter]. These portable jibs folds down to about 25" and extends to a full 90" and only weigh about 13 lbs. You can find out more about these Zolinger Jibs sold on eBay (Click Here).

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7 thoughts on “Zolinger ZP1500 Ultralight Portable Jib Crane Review

  1. getem

    Look nice, but $890 unfortunately is too expensive. The 4ft jib I have that I bought for $200 is nice and works great, but it doesn't fold up.

    I think it they budget this at around the most $400 they might actually sell a lot more.

  2. my bad... i didnt read the desc well... 45lbs is the weight limit. i guess with a 15lb camera rig and a 20-25lbs counterweight, this jib could work well...

  3. hmmm for that price, i'd get a KC8... if the weight limit is 13lbs... you better make sure you aren't upgrading your dslr setups... the smallest red scarlet setup will already by 15 lbs... plus you have to counter weight it...

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Burke - The comments were closed on that thread. Contest is over, we'll choose a winner soon.

  5. Calvin

    Looks beautiful! I wonder what's the best tripod I should buy to go along with this crane.

  6. Steve

    Expensive compared to other budget jibs posted here before. Good for travel I suppose. Btw, what is the status on the DIY jib you posted a few months ago? I'd still like to see that sell on p&c.

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