Sony Battery powered 876 LED Panel and 411 LED Ring Light

411 LED ring light review

Earlier this year at NAB2012, we took a look at some new lights that were powered by common Sony camcorder batteries. One interesting light was the larger 876 LED Light Panel which is very similar to the popular 312 LED and 508 LED panel. The other light shown at NAB was the 411 LED Ring Light. You'll see a bit of this covered at about 7:20 into the NAB video below with Olivia.

Both lights are just hitting the market starting at $325 for the LED Ring light and $600 for the panel. Popular LED Ring lights require your own 12V battery or AC power, and Large LED panels are usually based on expensive V-Mount batteries. I like the fact that these use very inexpensive Sony NPF style batteries, and while these might be great ideas, I don't think the prices are going to impress today's market. These and other LED lights can be found via eBay (Click Here).

Front 876 LED light411 LED ring Light
find-price-button 411 LED Ring Right and 876 Sony Powered LED Panel


11 thoughts on “Sony Battery powered 876 LED Panel and 411 LED Ring Light

  1. Bob

    Hey guys, just letting you know, the 876A / 876AS, 508A / 508AS, and 411A CAN be powered by both AC Adapter and Battery. They actually come with a separate AC Adapter solely intended for powering it via a plug. Its not just batteries like the smaller 312 on camera light.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Joe Rodriguez - So far I have not required the need to stack the 900s or 600s together in one place. If I needed to cover more area, I just put them side by side with two light stands.

  3. Joe Rodriguez

    I agree with you (again!). Also the 876s cant be stacked like the Litepanels in 2x2. Have you ever thought of stacking two of your CN600s (or CN900) side by side? Litepanels sells that special bracket but I don't know if its doable with the CNs. The barndoors might get in the way.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Joe Rodriguez - I'm not always going battery powered, so it's nice to have the AC option with higher light output. It really depends on the type of work you do though. If you're in event coverage and are always mobile, you may not require lights with an AC plug.

  5. Joe Rodriguez

    Emm, with pricing in mind, the 876 now seems like a competitive solution. At $550 with cheap Sony batteries, its cost is better than the CN900 $450 + tekkeon cost or alternative solution. Would you still pick the CN900 because of the light output? Even though its more expensive?

  6. Hey, Emm, I appreciate the reply. If anyone has this light, the dimmable Fancier LED 500,with the xlr power cord, can you please reply with the specs off the power supply?

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - I'm not sure what the input is, but I think it was just 12V output. I don't have the set any longer to find that information.

  8. Hey Emm:

    A while ago I bought one of those Fancier 500 LED lights, the dimmable one, 5500k with four switches in the back. It has the xlr input for AC. I lost the "transformer" part of the power cable or the power supply. I called the distributor who's in the Bay area but they won't have it in stock for three weeks. Any idea where I can find that part, or maybe can you tell me what are the specs of it?

  9. Tony

    Now to find an inexpensive Sony style battery that holds up to production. Every one I have has had the top cover casing separate from the bottom part of the case where the contacts are. What they use, elmer's glue?

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