Zolinger 18ft. Camera Boom Spider Crane

Demo video of Zolinger's new 18ft. Camera Boom Spider Crane. The Spider Crane lists for an almost $1800 dollar price tag (too rich for most), but there's currently one on auction that looks to have no reserve. Even generic cranes at this length will still run over $800 dollars, so it might be worth watching this $1800 retail priced item to see where it ends up at. Check it out at their eBay store front (click here).

zolinger pan tilt spider cranezolinger spider crane 18ft
find-price-button Zolinger Spider Crane Camera Book 18ft.

3 thoughts on “Zolinger 18ft. Camera Boom Spider Crane

  1. In the attached video @ 00:28, is there a particular reason why the operator is holding his sled just above the baseplate??

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