Zeiss Compact Prime for MFT (four thirds) Mount

How serious is the world taking the (MFT) Micro Four Thirds movement? Pretty seriously I guess if Zeiss is now making the Compact Prime cinema lenses for a native MFT mount to cameras like the GH1, GH2, or Panasonic AF100. Originally available in just PL, and then to interchangeable PL + EF (Canon) mounts, this new move to MFT could mean there is something special down the line we haven't even heard about yet. I'm just speculating....

Already available to ship (takes a few weeks) if you've got a big budget. Otherwise, you might just be better off renting them on a 'per project' basis. The Zeiss CP.2 Prime Lenses for Canon EF mounts can already be rented from BorrowLenses.com found here: https://www.borrowlenses.com

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2 thoughts on “Zeiss Compact Prime for MFT (four thirds) Mount

  1. C. Mason Taylor

    It's easy to take MFT seriously, because it's easy to make MFT lenses compared to ones for larger sensor cams.

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