Yuneec’s new Typhoon H 4K Drone Can Avoid Obstacles in Real Time

Here's an interview from CES 2016 with Raymond from Yuneec giving us a look at the new Typhoon H4. A drone I think could be a major challenger to DJI's Inspire1 Quadcopter with X3 Camera. Especially if you're not an experienced pilot. Besides having 6 rotors that can keep the craft flying in case of a motor failure, this drone is implementing Intel's Real Sense technology to avoid collisions.

Here's a look at a demo put on by Yuneec showing Intel's Real Sense technology at work.

The new Yuneec H4 Hexacopter is said to retail at $1799 (not available yet) which is far cheaper than DJI's entry level Inspire1 craft (found here). Yuneec also offers a handheld Gimbal system that you can mount the Drone camera to (similar to the OSMO). With a high quality 4K camera that can rotate a full 360 degrees, many autonomous features (follow me, orbit, gps points), redundant rotors, and the ability to avoid obstacles preventing crashes certainly add more value to the product as well. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on this model. For more information about the Typhoon H visit Yuneec's website (here).

yuneec Typhoon H 4k drone
Learn-More-sm Yuneec Typhoon H4 4K Drone with Intel Real Sense

The Yuneec Typhoon H is also available at B&H (here).

yuneec typhoon h copterYuneec Typhoon H4 4K Drone with Collision Avoidance

12 thoughts on “Yuneec’s new Typhoon H 4K Drone Can Avoid Obstacles in Real Time

  1. Jon

    @Ronn -

    Thanks for posting your Typhoon G footage. I'm interested in that model especially at it's $499 price point and steadygrip too. Have you tried that out as well?

    Emm - I would like to see a review on the Typhoon G and steadygrip as well! 🙂 Seems like quite the bargain for Drone + GoPro gimbal for $500.

  2. Derrick


    Yeah my P3 footage while looking good just doesn't cut it for all but the lower budget and/or extremely well lit shoots OR smaller flying areas and even then there are the barriers with regard to quality and post work limitations if its needed.

    I get you on simplicity. Heck I'd love to use a couple X5Rs and the Inspire almost soley if I could. Like you I was/still am opting for a simpler system and eventually will add the Inspire/X5R combo and OSMO once the X5R comes out and proves itself but I'll want the ability to shoot RAW for my own productions before March when they say the X5R will be released (at earliest) so I put together a cheaper, albeit slightly older, pro level system.

    Also I wouldn't expect much improvement on the cameras of these similarly lower priced drones just yet. Most use similar if not the same sensors and only so much can be squeezed out of them. Did you notice there's NO mention of quality improvements to the most important component...the camera? (as far as I remember from the promo vids). Because there probably IS no improvement in quality over what's already on the market. If you've watched the vid and still don't know that tells you right there because that would be a strong bragging point.

    FWIW it doesn't hurt to also bone up a bit knowledge wise on how these things go together and operate. A circumstance in the air and the way you respond to an in-air emergency based on that knowledge could mean the difference between a save, a minor fix, or a frustrating call to your insurance adjuster, lol. Just my two cents.

    It boils down to what you're doing and what your wants/needs are but these definitely are exciting times. I'm gonna check that app out. Thanks

  3. hogo

    i love my 3dr solo, even with its quirks. There is a rumor that 3dr are working on a heavy lift and extended battery package for the solo that would work with the black magic micro.

  4. Derrick, & David, I checked one of my video clips from my DJI Phantom 3 Pro, and the 4k video file is 8bit-4.2.0, 59.9-MBPS.

    That's a paltry MBPS it needs to be at least 100-MBPS, to hold up to any amount of grading in post, that's why it's crap video to me. I used a cool little app for verifying video file info called " Mediainfo" it's free, really free!

    Derrick, It seems your pretty efficient and knowledgeable on the Drone World, that's too many different pieces for me to have to learn and feel comfortable with. I'm looking for a turn key, bird that shoots good specked 4k video. I'm liking all the features of this Typhoon H bird, need to verify the 4k video files and see how they look and grade in post. The price is pretty decent for what the market is offering. Such a new market, with much competition to come. exciting times.

    Give us a cool review Emm!

  5. Derrick

    @david valens. Actually with all the wagon jumpers going to the Inspire/X5(R) before it's totally proven you can get a used S900 tricked out for much less than the Inspire Pro. S900 frames are going for $500-$600 on RCGroups. Lightbridge $600+/-, Zenmuse Gimbals as low as $600, A2 Flight controllers $700+, DJI OSD MKII, $150(ish). Plus DJI has some things in the works for the commercial end but whether or not they will be higher end or lower end is yet to be seen. An S900/1000 is still the best buy for the pro market IMO.

  6. david valens

    i agree with leon. "It seems no Drone MFG. cares about the Video Bit Rate spec, yet they market there drones as pro models. Would really like to know what the MBPS is on the 4K video. I have a DJI Phantom 3 Pro, It’s 4k video is crap! Hard to work with in post for me."
    I have not seen a good video yet from this company. so far i think the DJI inspire one is the best. But if you can get a DJI s1000 with a bmpcc then you will get very pro images. the problem is the price point.DJI will come out with a camera that can shoot raw but the problem will be is that its way too over priced. someone needs to make a sub 1k drone for the bm micro cinema stuff and i will love it to pieces.

  7. ronn

    This thing is a bargain. I just got their Typhoon G (using my GoPro Hero 4) and am very impressed with the design, build quality, support and ease of use. These guys are killing it.

  8. It seems no Drone MFG. cares about the Video Bit Rate spec, yet they market there drones as pro models. Would really like to know what the MBPS is on the 4K video. I have a DJI Phantom 3 Pro, It's 4k video is crap! Hard to work with in post for me.

    I will take a very good look at this model, Hey Emm, If you decide to get one of these, post a good video review.

  9. Yikes!

    That"s just plain creepy. Weaponized - horrifying.
    I know you guys are all about getting cool angles but that's some scary tech!

  10. Otto

    the question is what image quality it has and how gradeable the image will be. Otherwise a very interesting product...

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