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Here's an interview from CES 2016 with Raymond from Yuneec giving us a look at the new Typhoon H4. A drone I think could be a major challenger to DJI's Inspire1 Quadcopter with X3 Camera. Especially if you're not an experienced pilot. Besides having 6 rotors that can keep the craft flying in case of a motor failure, this drone is implementing Intel's Real Sense technology to avoid collisions.

Here's a look at a demo put on by Yuneec showing Intel's Real Sense technology at work.

The new Yuneec H4 Hexacopter is said to retail at $1799 (not available yet) which is far cheaper than DJI's entry level Inspire1 craft (found here). Yuneec also offers a handheld Gimbal system that you can mount the Drone camera to (similar to the OSMO). With a high quality 4K camera that can rotate a full 360 degrees, many autonomous features (follow me, orbit, gps points), redundant rotors, and the ability to avoid obstacles preventing crashes certainly add more value to the product as well. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on this model. For more information about the Typhoon H visit Yuneec's website (here).

yuneec Typhoon H 4k drone
Learn-More-sm Yuneec Typhoon H4 4K Drone with Intel Real Sense

The Yuneec Typhoon H is also available at B&H (here).

yuneec typhoon h copterYuneec Typhoon H4 4K Drone with Collision Avoidance